Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Boy, lately I think I'm a bit like the old steam engine trying to pull the train uphill and running out of coal or wood -whatever it was that fired those things up -and the train runs out of steam.

Or maybe my engine is just starting to show more and more wear and tear -that stuff that happens to all things, whether it be engines, or car bodies, or a house roof or people. Age does take its toll sooner or later I guess.

Right now though, I have to say that although I have now received a few more recipes to be entered for the cookbook the women of our church is working on, putting together, etc., and I now have over 160 recipes in the file for the cookbook, doing that work isn't really that tiring.

Actually, I do find reading and typing these things as being a bit on the rejuvenating side of life. Kind of like maybe I have a battery inside that I can go and get nimh rechargeable batteries online for it (via the recipe data base, ya know) and then, presto magic, I'm all set, ready to type, ready to roll with the project again!

Late last night I got a tremendous windfall via an e-mail from a local lady whose parents were both very strong members of our parish and whose mother was one of the best cooks around these parts for many years. Joan had, a while back, compiled a little cookbook for her kids and other family members consisting of a lot of her favorite recipes, some from her husband's family members and a whole bunch of recipes that her mom had been known for too and she e-mailed the booklet to me so now, I have all of those great pieces to pick and choose from to put into our cookbook!

That's 83 pages worth of great recipes, folks!

And that puts me in seventh heaven, for sure!

As I scrolled down through the file last night, I saw so many recipes there of her Mom's and it brought back lots and lots of memories to me too as I could envision her Mom's great breads and especially the delicious coffee bread she was known for bringing to bake sales or special dinners at our church.

Food definitely is a memory maker and it's neat that after so many years, when I read many of these recipes, I can recall the flavors, anticipate savoring the tastes of so many of these things now too!

And I can't wait to make so many of these dishes now, myself, for my family!


Sandee said...

I can see some cooking/baking about to happen in your house. How wonderful that you have these treasures. Sometimes they are lost forever and that's a shame. I'm sure you'll pass them on too.

Have a terrific day. :)

dgibbs said...

lol I came to visit since it had been so long and you you've gone and made me hungry;) No baking bread around here today though the heat index is over 100 degrees.