Thursday, July 07, 2011

Crying Wolf?

So, here I am this morning, sitting at the computer, reading blogs with new posts according to my Reader. Sometimes, when I'm doing this, I can get pretty wrapped up in the reading and don't always hear things right away -takes a good bit to cut through the fog some days, ya know.

But anyway, it's just me and my littlest Sweetheart here this morning -just Kurtis and me -as Mandy is busy two doors up the street from us, cleaning and painting in that house so the owner can get it ready to put it on the real estate market as quickly as possible.

And Kurt generally is fairly easy to deal with -especially when he is by himself as he is this morning. No big sister here to antagonize him, to push him around, boss him and get him to whining and crying. He's been very busy and very content too this morning, alternating between coloring in a big, big book on the floor or playing with this racetrack thingy Mandy found for all of 99 cents at the Goodwill Store the other day. (It sells for around $30 new at Walmart, her friend Jenn got one of these last month at a yard sale for $5.00 and Mandy, being the bargain hound she is at Goodwill, takes the prize though for reeling this in for only 99 cents!

Kurtis has however made a couple interruptions to his play time downstairs this morning with a few trips up and down the stairs to his room, then back down her and back upstairs again. I think he did that mainly to have a TV set on and have it tuned in to his favorite channel with the cartoons and that way, Gram can have the Today show playing in the background to my surfing time, ya know.

It was during his last little foray to the netherlands of his room though that my thoughts were rudely interrupted as I heard him whining and sort of crying. Initially, I ignored that because I figured he was playing with something and it didn't go quite the way he wanted it to and that tripped his short fuse with respect to being patient about things like that.

But then, the volume of his crying picked up and as I called up to him, asking what was wrong, it really elevated. Then I got concerned that perhaps he'd accidentally done something and had really managed to hurt himself so I started up the steps to check things out.

As I was going up the steps, by that time, he was then calling, loudly, "Grammy, Grammy, GRAMMY!" This interspersed between sobs!

I got to his room, opened the door and the crying stopped immediately!

I asked him what was wrong and his response to that was "Grammy, I don't know everything."

Hmmm. Where was that answer coming from anyway?

He'd been yelling and crying so loudly that his mother even heard him two doors away and she'd come home then to see what his problem might be. When I told her what he'd told me about not knowing everything, she laughed and said that neither did she but that "Only Maya knows EVERYTHING!" Yeah, and don't we all just know that for sure here too!

Mandy and I both continued to ask Kurt questions to see if we could learn a bit about what had gotten him so worked up and crying so loud but all to no avail as he was now quite content, no injuries showing, and all he wanted then was milk!

He came downstairs then, Mandy got him a cup of his beloved chocolate milk and went back to her job, painting, and he's busy, busy once again here in the living room, playing with this racetrack thing!

I finished reading the posts on my reader and in the process, discovered yet another "small world" kind of thing too!

One of the blog I follow faithfully is this one - Older Eyes and true to form, today Bud was writing about things like whether or not our blogs are maybe some kind of a legacy we are leaving behind for our descendants as well as how sometimes, some of us pick up a topic on which we then write a post for our own blogs based on the thoughts of another blogger friend.

Well this morning, Bud also had referred to some other bloggers in his post and one blogger I noted the man's name -Rick Gleason -and I thought to myself, Gee, wouldn't it be funny if this blogger, Rick Gleason, might possibly be the same person whose name I see fairly frequently on some of the family tree and places I visit. Okay, curiosity got the best of me and when I had completed my reading, I clicked into this Rick Gleason's blog to check things out.

Well, lo and behold, he had a link there under his profile to some places he visits for his family tree research and amazingly enough, I discovered this guy belongs to the same local family tree/county historical group online as I do!

Now is that incredible or what? I don't know this man -he lives in Washington state -nor do I know anything about the names he is researching from our little county here in central Pennsylvania -(other than the guy who is the fearless leader of our online historical society group) but now, I do know that he and I read the writing of Bud on his blog and I find that to be quite interesting.

Wouldn't you?

So I picked up Rick's blog now and added him to my reader too! Just what I need I know, another blog to add to my reading stuff, but hey, why not, huh?

And now, time for me to dig into some other things going on in my life these days. I'm taking a short breather right now from the embroidery and crafting to work on, among other stuff, recipes for the cookbook our women's group at church is compiling this summer. Last night, I finally managed to get around to finishing entering what recipes I had received so far for that project and right now, our cookbook has 106 recipes that will go into it!

I'm hoping that between now and next Friday -which is the deadline I set for people to turn in their recipes to me so I can type them up and get them entered into the publisher's database -that I will receive a whole lot more of these things and this will, hopefully, make our efforts worthwhile and we end up with a nice little cookbook as well as a little history about our church and some of the great cooks that have been part of our congregation over the past 100 plus years our congregation has existed. We still have to decide what to call our cookbook and what photos we want to use for the cover and for the separator pages between categories and stuff like that but there are several ideas floating around about them right now. (Because the stained glass window behind the altar in our church is one of Christ, the Good Shepherd, I had mentioned to Pastor Carrie that I was thinking it would maybe be appropriate and also neat to name our cookbook something like "Feed My Sheep" or perhaps, "Feeding the Flock" and then, use a photo of that stained glass window for the cover of our cookbook. When I mentioned this idea to her, she thought about that for a minute and then nodded, saying "That could be pretty cool, ya know!" Well, that's one in my corner maybe then for that being our cover and name of our cookbook!

So now, I'm off to the mundane stuff here -wash the dishes, look through the many cookbooks I own to see if I missed some of my own favorite recipes to put in this cookbook venture, get Kurtis off to his preschool program for the day, figure out what to fix for supper tonight and make time to take Sir Muttley (Sammy) for a good walk in the hot July sunshine abundant today too. Who knows too, maybe I'll find something else to pique my interests and send me off in yet another direction too.

Sometimes, the least little thing happens and does that to me -gives me a whole new path to explore, ya know!

Hope your day is filled with things that interest you, fun things, exciting stuff and it all comes together as being productive.



Rick Gleason said...


So nice to make your acquaintance and thanks for the mention. I enjoyed reading your morning thoughts.

I was born in Clearfield county and get back there occasionally where some of my relatives still live. I grew up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. How'd I end up way out here in Seattle!

Lines, Bloom, Patton and Passmore are just a few of the family names I'm researching.

All the best!

P.S. Tell Kurtis Rick said, he doesn't know everything either!

Suldog said...

As for me, you can tell Kurtis that Suldog doesn't know ANYthing, but he still manages to get by :-)

Maggie May said...

Had to smile at Kurtis's confession. If its any consolation..... I don't know anything either!

That was quite a coincidence about the family tree and all that. I wonder what the chances are of that happening?

Yes I often wonder too, if our family will read our blogs when we are all gone... or will they lie dormant for ever?
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Dianne said...

i will join the chorus - I don't know everything either
and it sometimes makes me whine and cry too

your comment on my last post made me smile Jeni
you're good for my ego :)

... Paige said...

It is upsetting when we first realize that we don't know everything. That is a first step in finding out what we want to know...everything

lol today I seem to be stepping

yea for more leaves on the tree

terri said...

Tell Kurtis not to cry because he doesn't know everything. I don't either, and it often makes me cry as well! What a cutie!