Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Still An Addiction!

Today was the day for this month's Monthly Lunch Group Get-together -you know, that little conflab that 3-4 of my girlfriends from way, way back in the dark ages of our high school years and I get together to enjoy a nice leisurely lunch and chit chat.

Normally, we would meet the last Thursday of the month but one friend had made plans that she and her husband were planning to go on vacation over next week and she would be gone then so we moved it up a week to today.

Unfortunately, it looks though like their vacation plans are going to be scrapped and she even had to miss our lunch today because last week, her husband took sick and was hospitalized and still is. Doesn't look like he'll be getting out real soon either which is a total bummer for them, for sure. He is, she said, doing better now though and that's a relief to hear that much at any rate.

A few months back though at one of our lunches, one of the "girls" in our group made a comment about how she loves chocolate and that, she has a piece of chocolate every single day! (Yes, I know how old we are but I still refer to these people as the "girls" from our class or at times, even as "the kids" too! And I recall about 30-40 years ago I used to make fun of my Mom for referring to the women who she went through nurse's training with back in the late 20s as the "Kids" too! Amazing how our vocabulary never seems to age us, isn't it? But then, would you really want to read this if I said I had lunch today with two other old ladies? Hell, no! And I wouldn't really want to write that about us either, so there! We're still the "Girls" or "Kids" in my book and I suppose, even if we live well into our 80s or 90s even, it will always be the same in that respect, won't it?)

So, now that we've clarified this age and word thing pertaining to age, let's get back on track here about what I'm really writing about here today.

And what is that exactly, you say?

Well, actually it is about chocolate and what I refer to as being my dear friend and her addiction to that substance too. She's very health conscious but I have, on an occasion or two, teased her about being addicted to chocolate. She doesn't think it goes quite that far but I'd beg to differ with her on that point. She's really lucky though that she does keep it under control and only allows herself one piece of some kind of chocolate every day. But then too, I read something a good while ago about how dark chocolate and a glass of wine a day was good for us to indulge in too -something about the dark chocolate has some kind of cleansing properties or some such stuff. But then maybe the author of that piece was just simply trying to make a case so she would have an excuse -and a darned good one that way -to have a piece of chocolate every day!

But anyway, back to my friend and her chocolate every day, I was thinking that wouldn't it be neat to get her -either for her birthday or for Christmas -a package of all kinds of pieces (small pieces, of course) of chocolates -enough that the package contained 365 pieces of chocolate, and make it quality chocolates too, of course -and she would have a nice surprise present that way, wouldn't she?

Of course, to get the right kind of selection for a gift like that, one would really have to do some shopping to find just the right kind of chocolate candies on sale but you know what, I'm thinking one of those assortments on that page would be a good start on a present to feed her addiction. Maybe not 365 pieces in there but a goodly selection none the less.

(On a side note here to my children -if you think Mom would like something like this, you're right, she would. But make mine sugar-free, would you please so I don't cause my Doctor to go in a mini-uproar with me over my sugar counts!)


Sandee said...

I too love chocolate. It's supposed to be good for you in moderation of course. Well you have to have yours sugar free. Wouldn't hurt any of us to have it sugar free. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Linda said...

Oh bleck on the sugar-free! If you're only eating one small bit of chocolate a day then I say go for the real texture and flavor and joy of having a piece of real chocolate with real sugar! And if you make it the dark kind you're doing yourself a favor as I've heard it's quite good for you - body, mind, and soul!

Can you imagine how hard it would be to get an assortment of chocolates where each single one was different for 365 days? I bet it could be done but I bet it'd be tricky finding that many different kinds and yes, that would be quite the gift indeed!

TechnoBabe said...

Fortunately for you there are sugar free chocolates on that page you link to. I try to stay away from sugar too but I won't eat anything sugar free. Your high school chum may be an addict but not unless she admits she is powerless over chocolate. Ha.

Suldog said...

I think chocolate has wonderful curative powers. At the least, it makes me happy :-)

It has been postulated that the ingestion of chocolate spurs the brain to secrete hormones that mimic those produced by a state of love. Works for me!

Maggie May said...

Now the problem is....... if I had a box with 365 pieces of chocolate in there.... I could be pretty damn sure that it wouldn't last anywhere near 365 days!
I am too weak willed!

And believe it or not... word ver is UNTINY! Which is exactly what I am with all this chocolate eating!
Maggie X

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