Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disappearing Act?

Baby, it is hot here!

Oh my, is it ever! Well, right now, this morning anyway, it does appear we are getting a tiny bit of a reprieve from the oppressive heat we've experienced most of this past week, and yes it is nice not to be dripping all day long in sweat!

Do you know how much salt must be in sweat and how much it stings when the sweat is dripping down your forehead and right smack dab into your eyes? Trust me when I tell you it hurts and if you can avoid it, do that, please!

I was out and about in the community a little bit both on Thursday and Friday of this week -out trying to sell advertising to local businesses that might be interested in helping us to defray publishing costs of our cookbook. (Yes, here we go again with talk about the "cookbook!")

And yesterday it was really, really, REALLY HOT here! The news reports on the TV last night said it reached 102 in State College and in Clearfield -which is on this side of the mountain -it hit 103! Actually from things I saw last night on Facebook -postings from some meteorology professional friends of mine, apparently it went as high as 105 in State College and I don't recall EVER hearing of temps that high in my lifetime in central Pennsylvania!

Yesterday, especially, with the high heat levels, I really felt like I could be losing some weight from all the heat and perspiration, etc. At home, with Kurtis, Mandy told me when I got back that at one point yesterday, Kurtis came over to her, touching her arms, legs and such and asking her "You just kidding, huh?" She didn't know what he was talking about at first so she asked him for an explanation and then realized how literal he can be at times in his translations of things we say. He told her then, "You not really melting?"

Seems she had made a comment in front of him yesterday to the effect she was "melting" and well, now we know that he at least understands the meaning of that word, don't we?

But you know, I do still believe that for all the sweat that was very much pouring off me all day yesterday, I'm thinking that had to be working every bit -or almost anyway -perhaps just as well as diet pills that work might do for a person!

I suppose a little bit of dehydration now and again does things like give a bit of weight loss in the process, doesn't it? Just don't do it to extremes and make sure to drink lots and lots of cold water on these really hot days!


Maggie May said...

That is really hot, isn't it.
I think I would really be melting.
Had to smile at Kurtis... yes, these special people do take things literally. My grandson does the same. He would have gone into detail of why a human could not be melting.He might have gone on for some time with his explanation. Maggie X

Nuts in May

HalfCrazy said...

I know how hot it's getting. I'm from the other side of the world but it's just so hot! In a very hot day, I shower three times a day thinking I would feel refreshed. Sure, I would refreshed for five minutes but then it's hell after that!

Yes, water is the answer! Dehydration always a bad thing.

TechnoBabe said...

Drinking water is essential in this heat. I drink it all day. And I take water with me to drink when I am working outside. I only work on the plants in the early morning hours but it is humid and very warm even then.
Contrary to what your grandson thinks, please don't melt.

terri said...

I love the cute things Kurtis says!

(Your diet pill link doesn't seem to be working...)

fermicat said...

Hot here as well. We only cool off during thunderstorms.