Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clothing Genetics!

So, this past Monday, Mandy went down to Milesburg and met my older grandson and his Dad there to do our version of the trucker's "drop and hook" -which translated simply means she picked up the grandson and brought him up here to spend the next two very warm nights under our roof.

Apparently all this typing I've been doing the past week -entering recipes into the publisher's data base for our potential cookbook -has inspired me to cook! On the hottest days of the summer, no less, here we were this week having three big dinners in a row! Monday, I made a nice little casserole that everyone -well those of us big enough to enjoy foods like what was in the casserole enjoyed it any way, even if some smaller people in the household decided to exercise their food fussiness side! Mandy, Alex (the older grandson) and I really appreciated the flavors in our Monday night supper of "Deep Dish Italian Hamburger Pie!" Some day, hopefully in the relatively near future, Kurtis will see the error of the way of his wayward tastebuds and take a shine to foods like casseroles. Considering that's what Grammy really likes best to cook and assuming he wants to not starve, one can only hope he comes around to that way of thinking fast!

Tuesday, we grilled pork chops that had a really good rub of rosemary, some Italian type seasonings and lots of garlic, plus we also chowed down on potatoes, onions and mushrooms cooked on the grill in a big old foil packet along with zucchini and tomato and onions, also cooked in the same way and the only thing that we cooked on the stove was corn on the cob! Scrumbdelicious! If I do say so myself.

Last night, we dined heartily on pork and sauerkraut with lots of mashed potatoes with the pork and kraut having simmered the bulk of the day in the crockpot.

MMMMM. Good meals! Easy to fix meals too and none that baked us out of the kitchen in this heat which, I might add has been in the high 90s this week and even hit 100 over in State College today!

Tuesday afternoon, older daughter -mother of older grandson -came up and had supper with us too, of course, plus she had the night off so was able to stay over then as well.

Yesterday a.m. though, conversing with her, she was lamenting how her work wardrobe needed replenishing, like really badly, but her funds were also a bit on the depleted side. I offered to try to get my sewing machine cleared off -from under the pile of rubble on it right now -and that I could maybe make her some tops, the scrub kind that medical personnel have to wear but she isn't keen on wearing stuff that is home made. Never has been one for that and at this stage of the game with her, I doubt she ever will go along with that idea.

So, I decided to do a little "window shopping" then on her behalf to see if I could find anything that maybe she can squeeze into her already pretty cramped budget. We've got Maya here who "shops" daily -for hours -on websites looking at Sketcher shoes so I thought maybe I could locate something that would be helpful to older daughter and her needs.

And, lo and behold, after a while, I think I did pretty good when I found this site where daughter could find some nice looking and brand, spanking new scrubs through Marcus medical uniforms! From what I saw there, the prices looked to be pretty decent and the selections looked very nice too. Now, all I need to do is point daughter in their direction and maybe she can clear up those problems and toss out some of her scrubs that are now getting a tad on the bedraggled side!

It really is funny how different each of my three children are with respect to their apparel. Older daughter is quite fussy, everything has to be just so, hair not a strand out of place, makeup always tastefully applied and her clothes -pressed just so, you'd think she was a member of the military with the creases being all crisp and such. Then there's my son who much prefers to dress in clothes from the 70s, polyester, pointed collars, strange prints and such or black or navy blue tee shirts with the logo or emblem of some rock band on them and raggedy old jeans. And Mandy -well she's a little of each element there! She prefers ultra casual clothes, yes but in a pinch, she can really -as the saying goes -"Clean up nicely!" Where older daughter prefers the more tailored look, here's Mandy who shows up looking quite often like a little gamin or an elf or something -very pixie-ish, ya know. No words can always describe my son and his very eclectic tastes!

And, from what I've been observing of Miss Maya here, I fear she's going to grow up in her Aunt Carrie's shoes and shadow with taste in clothing that could be perhaps called a bit on the "high-faluting" side -as it has to be the most expensive or not at all!

Dang those genetics after all, ya know!

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