Friday, May 06, 2011

What's In the Future?

You've all read plenty here by now of the various embroidery projects I have completed. I know, I know -a lot! I've done several things now thus far this year too but have only put pictures of two of the projects I have completed since January 1st on either my blog or on my Facebook.

Why is that -considering I have completed two large tablecloths (those were gifts for my daughters for their respective birthdays and those are the two items I have photographed and posted about.) But in addition t them, I've also completed three sets of pillow cases, a table topper and am almost finished now with a slightly larger tablecloth that comes with a set of six napkins too -but I've been really lazy about photographing them.

I think I mentioned a long, long time ago my plan -such as it is or was -was to do these embroidered items and then, set up an Etsy account to try to sell these items on that. Well, I opened an Etsy account oh, about two years ago now but have never got around to activating it completely.

Why? Because I don't feel I have enough items in an inventory nor do I have the needed information about shipping stuff either, in order to complete the activation process.

One thing for sure is at the snail's pace that I work on the embroidered stuff, I won't need to worry about needing any barcode scanners to track my inventory or sales! That is definitely for sure there!

Granted, as speed with embroidered work goes, some of my friends here who also enjoy doing embroidered work, think I am a bit of a speed demon. But trust me, if you are trying to make things that you might like to try to sell in an online market, I am still really slower than slow, for sure!

I had thought about putting some other hand-made items I have completed and stashed away here in a make-shift sort of inventory but, although I found the photos I had taken of those items, be darned if I could remember where in blazes I had stashed the box where I had put the things!

These were about 30 handmade baby bibs I had sewn a good while back and a couple close friends of mine had seen them and had liked them a lot -enough so that they had me make some more that they then purchased as great little baby gifts or for use by their grandchildren.

Well, I sure as heck couldn't very well open an Etsy sales site showing these photos of these cute little bibs though if I couldn't find my already made stash of 'em, could I?

Although I thought I had hunted high and low, scoured every known hiding place I thought I had for those darned bibs, do you think I could find 'em? No. Sirree!

Until that is, last week when I was actually on a search and destroy mission for a pair of slide sandals I've had for about the past 8-10 years now and well-worn as they may be, I still love 'em and wear them most of the time during the summer months.

While searching for those sandals, I came across a box I hadn't spied in my earlier searches of the boxes shoved under my bed and lo and behold, there were all those darned bibs I had been on the major search and destroy mission for a few months back.

This may or may not mean I will soon be activating my Etsy account but at least, it does bring the possibility of that ever happening just a tad closer!


Maggie May said...

its so annoying when that happens. I put things in boxes & then forget. Glad you found the bibs in the end.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

TechnoBabe said...

It is amazing that you do get so much embroidery completed with your busy life. It always seems to me that you have so much going on. Way more than I have.

... Paige said...

the problem with selling craft items is you don't really get your "time" outta of it. However if you are doing it for fun and happen to sell it, then hooray.

with that sure would be nice for some one to buy 1 of my paintings or some of my poetry.

happy Mother's Day weekend!

Dianne said...

I love when I am looking for one thing and find another

I came by to say thanks for what you said about me in your award post below


Happy Mother's Day!!