Saturday, May 14, 2011

A New Food Group?

Friday night, for our supper, I decided to live dangerously and fix something along the Mexican line.

I do like to make things besides the standard fare from time to time -much as I too love Mac'n'cheese, which is by far and away my grandkids most favorite food item -I like to branch out now and again.

So tonight I had decided to give enchiladas a shot.

Trying something new here for supper is risky business ya know. Especially if I don't fix something else that is pretty much a guaranteed item that the kids will eat cause there can be severe wailing and gnashing of the teeth at meals with a new food substance.

Sheesh, the way these kids can react to a new food substance you'd swear they think way ahead of their capabilities -and of my cooking abilities too -and that I'm trying to poison them with extreme hgh or some other hormonal substance and such!

But anyway, tonight it was time to try the enchiladas and with great trepidation, we (Mandy and I) dished out a portion of the Mexican food onto each child's plate and then we sat back to eat and wait to see how quickly one or both of the kids would begin whining -or worse, screaming and crying -about the food on their plate.

But surprise, surprise! Nothing like that happened!

I was a bit astonished when after a couple of bites, I took a chance and asked Kurtis if he liked his food and he told me, quite plainly then too, "Yes, is very tasty!"

I asked Maya about her food and she wasn't quite as vociferous as her brother in making a comment and answered rather quietly that she liked it.

A double bonus! Both kids. Eating enchiladas! Amazing! Pinch me quick to make sure I'm not dreaming about this, ya know!

I do have to say though about this batch of enchiladas that they were a tad on the spicy side. When I ran up to the store to get the special things I needed to make them, the store didn't have any enchilada sauce so I purchased a store brand jar of salsa with the label reading "medium" pertaining to the heat/spiciness involved in the salsa and I have to say I'd consider that sauce as being labeled incorrectly. I love spicy food so things like that don't bother me but this stuff did leave a tad of a bite in the back of one's throat after a while! But to Kurt's credit, once that started to happen to him, he remarked that it was a little spicy and I said yes, a tiny bit but he soldiered on and ate almost every bit of the enchilada Mandy had given him!

Later on though, Mandy's best friend, Jenn-Jenn, came down to pick up Maya and take her up to her house to spend the night -a fairly normal thing for Maya to go and stay overnight with Jenn-Jenn and Nick-Nick and their family. We call Jenn Maya's second mother and her entire household is also Maya's second home!

While Jenn was here, waiting for Maya to get her stuff together, Mandy mentioned to Jenn about our supper and so Jenn questioned Kurtis about what he'd had to eat tonight. He scratched his head a bit, turning it up to look kind of questioningly at Mandy, then at Jenn and Mandy then said to him, about the stuff we'd had that he had said was "tasty" and finally, he pulled it out of the depths of his memory and spoke up, telling Jenn that he had had "En-cha-wawa's"

Needless to say, all of us -well the adults anyway -cracked up completely at his mispronunciation of enchiladas. I think we all probably had visions of someone chasing little Mexican dogs to catch them and turn them into the "en-cha-wawas!" But if that wasn't enough, a short time later, Kurt was still talking about his supper and then he told Jenn-Jenn that we'd had groundhog! Well, apparently he'd heard me talking about ground beef and just omitted the beef and tossed in the hog there on the end of that word. He does that a good bit now and again -after he hears something mentioned, he frequently then tries to use a word or several words in his own conversations but doesn't always get the words -or the context -right.

That's okay though. At least we know he's listening albeit it apparently really within his subconscious the way he brings things up later!

And at the end of the day, we know he's learning!

Boy, is he ever doing that!


Maggie May said...

Well done getting the children to eat the enchiladas.
Sounded lovely.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Marguerite said...

Congrats on the successful experiment! That Kurtis is so cute and it is amazing how children are listening even when you don't think they are. Have a great weekend!

TechnoBabe said...

Isn't it great when the kids like something new, now you can all have more variety at mealtime.