Friday, May 06, 2011

The Overlord Wishes...

One of my favorite bloggers - Bud, at Older Eyes - recently passed on an award to me - The Overlord -and if I understand the rules (other than that you have to write a post and pass this award on to other bloggers who you believe would not just follow the award rules but also, who conform to the status of being an actual Overlord, here then is my take on this idea.

My interpretation of being an Overlord is that it would be kind of akin to being King (or in my case, maybe "Queen") for a day and getting one's wishes, regardless how outrageous they might be, granted then.

Oh, to have such power!

When I went to bed last night, I had this award and thoughts about what I'd want done on my mind, thinking a good night's sleep might open my mind to thoughts that were great, mighty and worthy of the status of being an Overlord.

Before I could even get into my bed though, my thoughts were totally disrupted by the fact my bed buddy -Miss Maya -had the covers all so darned twisted up that I practically had to remake the bed before I could even lay my body down there.

So my initial thoughts about what I'd want were to never have to do something and then, redo, redo, redo things! Okay, with a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old always around, getting into things, making messes and never being willing to even help clean up, much less listening and doing it by themselves, that is a pretty powerful thought there, don't 'cha think? Unlikely, but were it possible, very powerful and okay, it's still one of my dreams just as it has been for oh, the past 44 years now, pretty much! (Boy, if my kids read this post and pay attention to this paragraph, I'm liable to get a whole lot of grief from then over this thought/theory! Might just ruin my Mother's Day gifts for sure, huh?)

I thought too about trying to remember some funny, pithy things that would be good for an Overlord to have, to us but as often happens when my brain is challenged along these lines, I had a massive dose of "chemo brain deadness" strike me so, we'll cancel out the idea of anything that is cute or comical then I guess.

Instead, because this has been on my mind a lot this week, in view of the world news of Sunday night, I decided to focus on something that I seriously would like to see, would like if I had the power, to use it then on people the world over.

And that would be that all prejudices would be automatically wiped out, erased, done away with and that peace would then reign supreme -as it should be!

Think about the events of this Sunday though for a moment and remember back to just after the 9-11 attacks when the news broadcasts were showing photos of people, mostly in the middle east, who were dancing in the streets, celebrating the loss of those lives from the attacks and how horrid it made us, as a people -a nation -feel to see people elsewhere celebrating the senseless loss of life. Then think about the scenes shown Sunday night and Monday of people in this country reveling in the killing of Osama bin Ladin. Is there a difference there between those doing that in 2001 and today?

I think not!

What I see here, what I also fear here too that will most likely happen, is that through the elimination of Bin Ladin and those pictures of Americans celebrating that fact, it will only create a new, perhaps even larger rift in the international society of people to provide yet another reason, excuse, for even more -perhaps even greater violence and so, the revenge factor lives on and on for more generations yet to come.

And, do we all really want that for ourselves -for our children, grandchildren?

There are those who will no doubt take my words to mean that I admired Bin Ladin but I don't. He was, in my opinion, a very despicable man, to be sure. But, regardless of what our feelings were about him, death is never a thing to be celebrated except within our own religious beliefs that the person has now entered eternal rest. Please remember, just as we were offended by others celebrating the loss of lives on 9-11 and the pain that caused in our own hearts, so too does his death leave his family -wives and children, brothers, cousins, etc. -grieving too and we should at least have the decency to give them that much respect.

In doing that, being respectful of the dead, it makes us the better person/people in the end. I suppose my logic is a bit convoluted here -which is, let's face it -generally the way my logic always tends to run. I am as relieved as the next person may be that Bin Ladin is no longer able to orchestrate more violence towards our country or any country for that matter but I still don't believe it to be acceptable to laugh, sing and dance with glee over his death.

Now, to my other wish as Overlord -and this is really important too -I would make it mandatory that Donald Trump get two things - a sense of humor and a much needed decent hair cut.

To conclude this little post, I now am supposed to pass this Overlord on -in the effort to make this award and posts a viral thing -on to other bloggers who, for various reasons, I think write some darned good stuff and would have some really great requests if they too were able to be an Overlord for a post, a day, week, lifetime perhaps.

And the winners from my perspective are:

Mary Anne at A Place I Call Home -for her ability to see things and put a really great perspective to work in her writings.

Dianne - at Forks Off The Moment -another blogger who doesn't fear voicing her opinions and often quite strongly too! But at the end, as she always says, "We still have Hope!"

Sandy McBride -at Holding Patterns -for all her insights on life and for a blog where you can listen to some really great music while reading her great stuff as well!

Magazine Man at Somewhere on the Mast - who though he hasn't posted anything in quite sometime now, writes some awesome stuff when he does get around to blogging! I'm willing to bet the family farm that if he were to have Overlord status,he'd have some really terrific wishes to bestow, for sure! Just take the time to read some of his posts for the sheer enjoyment of his great writing. You won't regret it!

Terri -at Into The Mystic - Because she's my avid bowling friend from up north in Minnesota who always has some great thoughts and good things to say!

Jocelyn -at Oh Mighty Crisis -a blogger who is truly a wordsmith of the highest caliber. Currently on sabbatical from her college professor work as an English instructor, residing for a few more months in Turkey, she's got some wild, wacky and yes, often profound stuff to be found at her place!

And finally -to my old blogging buddy, now in "retirement" from blogging but maybe an award like this (considering how he always LOVED to get awards) would bring him back to life for yet another post -Suldog! He's one blogger who really is quite deserving of an award like this -a great writer and one who would probably love nothing better than being an Overlord and able to put his wishes out there for all of us to see. Worth a shot to see if I can get him to come back to life for at least one more post, ya know!

And now, having done my duty, so to speak, I'm finished here for the moment anyway. Off to do some other stuff -walk the dog, housework, get ready for the Friday afternoon fights to begin when the grandkids get home from school, cook, embroider and oh yes, read a bunch of posts waiting on my reader now too for me to tackle and see what great things are happening all around blogland!

Cheers -and Peace!


Uncle Skip, said...

Take that Suldog!!!

Way to go, Jeni.

Smalltown RN said...

Well my dear..what can I say...thankyou for the award....but gosh I don't know what I am going to say....I'm going to have to sleep on this one!

Congratulations on your award and it is so deserving....I particularly like your wisdom in reference to Bin Laden very well said and I couldn't have said it better myself!

I am working Mother's Day but I hope you spend it with your family being surrounded by love and getting spoilt.

Hugs my friend!

Linda said...

I love Dianne's blog - she's a Jersey girl through and through! And yep, there is always Hope!

Suldog said...

As tempting as this is - and it is VERY - I shall decline. When I said I was quitting blogging, I meant it (at least for the time being.) I like to consider myself a man of my word (the word is "Doofus") and as much as I love you, Jeni, I don't want to break my promise for at least another couple of weeks :-)

I am truly honored by your kind words, though, and that's no joke. Thank you!