Monday, May 30, 2011

Creepy Creatures by Crikey!

Ah such a fun day it has been today!

Older daughter (Carrie) arrived late this morning to pick up Alex and take him home and as they were getting ready to leave, my son called to tell them, if they had enough time, to meet him up at his place as he was on his way back to his house with the big truck so he's now ready to leave late this afternoon or early this evening to begin his work week.

He wanted them to meet him there so that he could then take my grandson, Alex, for a ride with him back up to the truckstop where he would park it until he's ready then later to go to work.

So, they grabbed a bite to eat from all the leftovers from yesterday's meal and then, headed up to Clate's house.

Shortly after that, Carrie phoned me to tell me they were on their way up to Kylertown but that I needed to take a run up to Clate's house to see the snake up there!

Say WHAT? Snake? Me, going to go look at a snake? Didn't sound like a really fun thing to me since I am petrified of snakes -don't really even like to see dead ones although those are the only kind I sort of can like, ya know.

Well, as it turned out yes, there was a snake up at my son's house. Only it wasn't out in the yard, or up by the road. No sirree, Bob! This sucker was all curled up apparently in the bathtub in my son's bathroom!

As the story goes, Clate's girlfriend had gone in to the bathroom for the usual purposes and was sitting on the commode when she glanced off to her left and her gaze was met with this nice big old black snake neatly entwined along the ledge behind the tub there!

Now she and I -as well as both my daughters too -all share the same reaction when confronted with something like a snake. Jump, Scream, do a dance much like someone with St. Vidas' Dance issues and then, run!

Poor Elizabeth jumped up, her slacks still down around her ankles, and scrambled like crazy to open the door and get out of there, all the while trying to pull her pants back up and screaming too for Bill -my ex-son-in-law -who lives there too along with my son and his girlfriend.

Bill said later he'd never known Elizabeth to stutter until today!

So, as soon as Bill had surveyed the situation, he went and got his gun and well, that snake is no longer amongst the living.

My son, in the meantime, was on his way back down to his house when Elizabeth phoned him to tell him what was going on.

Then, she left for work shortly before I got up to Clate's house and he pulled in the drive.

Bill, Clate and I stood out front of the house for a little while, talking about this latest event at his place and finally, Clate mentioned he'd best get inside and get around to the task of being the snake remover. Meanwhile, Maya was telling him over and over not to bring the dead snake out of the house via the front door but as soon as she would say that, she would go around to the back part of the house by the kitchen door and tell him not to dare bring that snake out using that door. A bit confusing there as to which door he should use what with her moving all around all the time, ya know.

But we finally got the kids to stay in the side yard and Clate went in to get the snake out of the tub.

He wasn't in the house more than a minute, two at the absolute most, when he called out to Bill,
"Hey, bring the gun here!"

Bill asked him if the snake wasn't dead yet and Clate said no, that wasn't the problem. Instead, there was now a second snake in the bathtub!

Sheesh. One was plenty in my book!

So anyway, Clate managed to send the second snake off to its great reward wherever snake heaven may be and then, did get both snakes out of the house and carried them down to the woods in the back lot where he then disposed of them!

Now, he's having a really fun time using that spray foam stuff all around the pipes and other fixtures around the tub and sink to look for any other possible holes that a snake might be able to use to access the bathroom there!

Never a dull moment, that's for sure!

(Oh and I took my camera up with me as I wanted to get a picture of the snake -then the snakes -but Clate said no to that idea! He said he didn't want me posting any photos of the snake in his house on the internet cause he just knew that's what I wanted to do. And, of course, you know he was right about that thought crossing my mind. I did get a picture of him walking down through the back lot, carrying those two snakes -and they were big puppies too, at least four if not five feet in length, but unfortunately, I was too far away, didn't remember I do have a zoom feature on my camera, albeit not a very strong one, so you really can't see the snakes he was carting away. However, later, I did talk to his girlfriend and it just so happens, she has a picture of the first snake -dead -in the bathtub and she promised to send me a copy of it as soon as she can do that! At least she agreed with me that it sure would make for a great story in a blog post! Whether it makes it sound like Clate's house is "Jeff Foxworthy-ish" or not!)


Skittles said...

TWO??? omg... YUCK.. EWW.. and other similar words.

Gail Pyle said...

I think that those snakes were doing what snakes do best...chasing mice!!

terri said...

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! And EWWW too!

I'm not really squeamish about snakes as long as they are where they belong... behind glass in a zoo, or out in the wild, far away from me. But in the bathtub??? That would freak me out!

pomsand said...

Did they shoot them right there in the tub? And does Clayton need a new tub now?

Rolling said...

Absolutely delighted to be reading you again Jenni, been away for a really long time, but now expect to ctach up with reading and writing once more. All the best to you and your grandchildren, they must have grown by now, the last time I was reading here you were embroidering some table mats and the little one had appeared in a church show :) and there was a tonne of snow outside your house. If you do decide t visit my space, to remind yourself of who I might be, I wold love you to look at the Wonderful Human Mind Post, I think you would like that one :)

Maggie May said...

I was wondering if the tub now has holes in it?
In a way, I feel its a pity they were shot, though, I would definitely be bunging up holes to prevent any more getting in. Sounds like they had a highway to the bathroom!
At least this story would never be told in the UK...... unless one escaped from the zoo, that is.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Travis Cody said...

And that is why I always look around for creatures. It means I'll probably find something, but I'd rather know it's there than be surprised by it.

Anonymous said...

Jeni, I think I can one-up your snakes in the tub. Some years ago, one of our cats brought home a snake. My son caught it and put it in a box to dispose of. However, it was slightly injured so my son kept it in his room to nurse it back to health. At some point, it escaped and he was afraid to tell us, since we'd told him to get rid of it. One evening I heard my wife scream and when I got upstairs, she was standing in her underwear pointing at the toilet. There was the snake coiled up under the seat, where it had been when she say down. She still doesn't think it's funny.

Dianne said...

I had this image of bullets bouncing all over a tile bathroom

thanks for your latest comment, I'm glad you were entertained
and I was flattered to no end by the Jon Stewart mention - I have a huge crush on him, he could pay me in sex ;)

Suldog said...

Yikes! I am no fan of snakes. If I found one in my bathtub (never mind two) I would freak. Luckily, we have so few of them here in the northeast that we rarely have to worry about such things.

... Paige said...

oh my goodness! Sorry that it happened but I am SOOOO GLAD IT WASN'T MOI!