Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wanted: Memory!

Ya'll know by now, if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, that I'm not exactly a spring chicken. Not by any means, for sure. I'm moving along quite rapidly into that dark night, approaching, or who knows, maybe I've already arrived at my "dotage." My kids think I did that many years ago though.

Be that as it may, the holiday season brings on more reminders about just how forgetfulness is more and more a major part of life.

Take addresses, for example. I have a drawer in my desk in which I have a stash of envelopes that I saved mainly because the return address on them is a newer address than the one I had before in my address book. So, I saved the envelope with the intent to update my address book. You know that old expression, "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions?" Well, my road should be very, very well paved as for several years now those envelopes have been accumulating and still, I haven't gotten around to updating my address book with the newer addresses. I think about it once a year -when I start addressing Christmas cards!

I can't remember when I have appointments -doctors, church group meetings, luncheons and the like. My friends tell me I should mark these on the calendar and that way, I'll remember them. Problem is, I rarely even glance at the darned old calendar! (Mandy is my reminder-person there, telling me when I have an upcoming appointment the majority of the time.)

Don't you wish there were something available -a computer chip of some type that we could get installed in our brains specifically to aid in remembering stuff? They have them for computers you know -removable little things that we can store things in and then, pop them into the computer or digital camera, whatever, to use for "spare" memory.

I don't know about anyone else but I'm thinking a nice compact flash card may just be the ticket to help me keep track of everything and anything. Just set it up with different folders like appointment, put the dates and times in and then, go to that flash card and read what's on the schedule for any given day.

Sounds like a good way to aid memory loss to me except that unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to get a place to insert the card in my brain.


Linda said...

I'm right there with you on the ... er ... the uhm ... darn! I forgot what I was going to write! :-)

Debo Blue said...

Laughing at you and Linda:-)

I think you should just put more effort into updating a calendar on the 'fridge or bathroom; someplace you'd see it all the time.

I've virtually no memory of my pre-teen years and cannot remember people's names so I can empathize in that regard but I do keep a calendar.

terri said...

I do the same things! So you can't attribute this to your age. I think it's the fact that we have too much going on to keep up with our good intentions. Here's what I did though. I bought one of those big desk calendars in the dollar section at Target. Bought some of those Command hooks to stick on the service door that leads to the garage. (This is the door we always leave by.) I hung that big old calendar right on the service door and write down all appointments and commitments on it, so I am forced to look at it several times a day and am less likely to forget.