Friday, December 05, 2008

Missing Items

There's someone in this house who has sticky fingers. Have I mentioned that before? I think I did when certain pages from my Bushisms calendar started to go missing, didn't I?

Well, we know now which individual is the one responsible for many of the disappearances that occur. If you guessed, Miss Maya, you would be right.

First it was the occasional page gone from my desk calendar, which in the general scheme of things, is not a big deal. But this week, she took a liking to her Dad's deodorant as well as another container of stick deodorant and when questioned about these things, she went to her little "Dora purse" and pulled both the deodorant things out, handed them to Mandy and Bill. We got a bit of a chuckle over that deal.

But then, on Tuesday, I went to use my bankcard to make an online purchase and it was missing along with the Access Card -which is for food stamps. (Yes, we do qualify for food stamps on our income level with the number of people in the home -thank goodness, for that item, for sure!) Now these items coming up missing -well, that's a lot more of a concern, ya know. Mandy and I hunted and hunted -I'd had them on my desk here, towards the back of it and Maya hadn't been messing with the desk, at least not to our knowledge anyway. But since she had willingly retrieved the deodorant sticks, we figured it was worth asking her about the cards, if she had picked them up or not. And when confronted, she said yes, that she had picked them up. So Mandy asked where she had put them and she pointed in the direction of the file cabinet next to the desk so we asked her to show us exactly where she'd put them.

That's when she came over and put her finger on the slot on my computer tower for my A-drive -for the floppy discs, ya know! Mandy looked in there -as much as she could, tried to feel around and realized there was something there alright. With the aid of a butter knife and pair of tweezers, she was able to retrieve both cards from the slot! Much to the immense relief for both of us! I was kind of sweating bullets there for a little while, as you can imagine.

Now, there's only one other thing still missing here and that's a new tube of foot cream I had ordered for use on my heel! I have a lot of problems with my left heel -the skin gets really cracked and dried out so I had ordered a tube of this foot cream which seemed to help but has now been missing for close to two weeks now. All I can say there is it's just a darned good thing my foot problem isn't Plantar Fasciitis and that I don't have anything here for that which Maya might decide to take a shine to. Big Price differentiation there, ya know!

On another note of missing things, one night last week I was cooking supper -fixing good old hamburger helper and I had pulled two different boxes out of the cupboard to determine which one to prepare. I left the kitchen for about five minutes or so and when I returned, there was only one box of hamburger helper out on the counter. Where the other one disappeared to, is another on-going mystery here too. Maya is innocent on that one though as she wasn't in the house when it up and walked away.

The mysteries continue I guess and that's about all I can say about that at this point in time!


Dianne said...

I'm sorry I'm laughing! It's easy to laugh when it's not your bank card and it's not your kids - thank you for that

My son used to love to flush things - he'd take things out of my purse and flush them away and then come and announce "Mommy - I made all the money go swooosh"

Good times!!

Travis said...

Well at least it wasn't a PB&J sammich in the VCR!

Maggie May said...

Oh dear...... you need a little safe so you can keep all your important things in. Make sure the safe is bolted down or maya might take the lot! LOL!

Vic Grace said...

To think I might have missed this story. I came checking on you as I am a follower but your posts are not showing up so I thought you were having a posting break. Glad I checked.

Lifecruiser said...

Oh, maybe you have a collecting squirrel in the house....? *giggles*

terri said...

So glad you found the cards! Whew! But as for how a box of Hamburger Helper goes missing? You got me!

Morgan Mandel said...

Speaking of plantar fascitis, I've got that and flat feet. It never bothered me until about ten years ago. Such is life.

Morgan Mandel

fermicat said...

That is hilarious! Glad you were able to find and retrieve the items.