Saturday, December 27, 2008

Surprise Package!

Earlier this week -Tuesday or Wednesday (I'm not sure which day now -see my "Memory" post for clarification) -the FedEx delivery guy pulled up in front of the house. Mandy asked me if I was expecting a delivery and I said not to my knowledge. Of course, considering how well I remember -or actually don't -that comment is open for debate.

Well, after waiting a bit while the driver apparently was rummaging through the truck to locate whatever he had there to deposit at our house, he finally strolled down the walk, carrying a relatively large package. I signed for it, brought it in and deposited it on the table.

The return address was that of a lady in Nevada -a former girlfriend of my ex-husband. From the time Mandy learned she was pregnant with Maya, this lady pretty much adopted Maya, then Kurtis, as her grandchildren too. Over the years, she has been extremely generous in sending many packages of lots and lots of pretty little outfits for both kids. One year, she even made one of those plush blankets -the kind that don't require any sewing because you have these ties that you loop around the edges of the blanket as fringe. That cover is probably the warmest blanket you'd ever hope to have and it's come in handy here not just for the kids but for lots of adults trying to keep warm on a frigid day or night, for sure.

She had kept in contact with Mandy via e-mail even after the ex married someone else. My son knows her as he lived in Nevada and then Arizona for a couple of years and he tells me that of all Dad's ex's, he thinks I probably would like this lady as a friend because she's nice, friendly, funny -all the neat attributes one generally appreciates in a friend.

Addressed to Mandy, this package contained a present that most definitely would sell me on her as a great friend. It contained a coffee grinder and seven boxes of the wonderful Gevalia coffee in two different flavors! Being coffee hounds, Mandy and I have both been reveling in the generosity of this gift all week now.

However, at the rate we've been consuming coffee -since we have some really GOOD stuff here to make and drink right now -we're liable to burn out the old pot and may need to look into coffee makers to consider a replacement.

This coffee is sooooo good, I've even taken to using my Penn State coffee mug -which holds about 2 1/2 cups of coffee at a clip.

So if you're reading this blog, here's a toast to you, Jacque Mustard, with utmost thanks for a delicious, super good treat!


Linda said...

What a fantastically thoughtful gift and a yummy one, too! I've had Gevalia and they make some darned good coffees so I know exactly what it is you and Mandy have been enjoying.

Nothing tastes as good as a fresh hot cup of coffee - unless of course you've got a nice warm cinnamon bun with icing melting down the sides along with it!

Debo Blue said...

When that runs out, try and see if you and Mandy like that too.

Raven said...

I've never tried the Gelvalia coffees but I've often been tempted even though I'm not as much of a coffee drinker as I used to be. Lately I've started buying free market coffee - I wait for sales - which is good and makes me feel all socially responsible.

Hope your coffee pot holds on and that you continue to delight in your surprise gift.

Sweetie said...

I'd love to have a cup of coffee with you. I'd like to express appreciation for the sympathy that you offered over the sudden passing of my husband. I should be back to blogging by the middle of next week.
With love,

Dianne said...

I got my DIL a new coffee maker - one that can be programmed so the coffee will be waiting for her when she leaves for work :)

terri said...

I used to buy Gevalia coffee and loved it. I've since stopped ordering it, but I'm thinking I might enjoy starting up again.

Mary said...


I had a lot of catching up to do. Other than the bouts of sickness, it seems you had a wonderful Christmas. My mother was also sick on Christmas Eve. There seems to be a bad bug going around.

I finally got to the needle craft store to look for stamped embroidery, but she doesn't carry it so looks like I will be making a trip to Mary Max*ims or ordering online.

Take care, my friend. I'm glad Santa was good to your family.


Travis said...

There's something about a good cup of coffee. We've had more than our share over the last week.

Morgan Mandel said...

How thoughtful of her to keep in touch and remember you at Christmas. She's one of the fine ones in life!

Morgan Mandel