Friday, December 19, 2008

Ah, To Sleep!

Yeah, I know I was moaning and groaning here earlier about being so darned far behind that I'll never get caught up. That I have sooooo many things to do, not enough days, not enough hours in the day, to get all the stuff done and all that. And here I am, back again.

Well, I figured before I do get around to going to bed, I may as well try to make up for a bit of lost time -is that possible -and toss out another post here today. Get a jump on things with respect to the blogging anyway, I guess.

But guess what? Just as I start thinking about hitting the sack, Kurtis decides maybe he will try his hand at thrashing around, doing a little bit of fussing. Just some off and on stuff there with him -or at least I hope that's all it will be.

With the early morning news on the tv now, I see that so far almost all the school districts around us are closed today due to the really inclement weather conditions. Well, right now that is all except OUR school district anyway. But then, they do seem to take their sweet old time about making that decision as to whether to have school or not. But since the Clearfield Schools are closed today, odds are that so is Maya's school.

And that means that since she has again taken to wanting to sleep in my bed, sharing my space with her, when I do get to crawling into bed with her, I'll have to move her over from being sprawled all over the twin-size bed I have in my cramped little bedroom quarters.

And in doing that, I'll also find myself reminded that sometimes my good old bed, while warm and cozy and even more so with Maya already having it all toasty from her little furnace body heat, is not always the most comfortable of beds either though.

Hmmm. Soon as I hit the lottery I'm gonna look into first, adding on to the size of my room and then, investing in a nifty, comfortable, back-pain lessening sleep number bed!

That sounds like a really good thing right now to me!

Sleep tight!


Kanani said...

Hi Jeni,
Good to see you over on my blog. Sleep? I seem to get about six hours a night, though I feel like I could use a bit more. The most annoying thing is on Saturdays, there are these walkers who TALK REALLY LOUD early in the morning. They have no idea how their voices just carry and wake everyone up. Maybe I'll yell out the window one morning!
Sorry to hear about the bad weather. We had 3 straight days of rain just recently. It was good because there's been very little rain this year!
Hope everything else is okay! ;)

Morgan Mandel said...

Merry Christmas!

Morgan Mandel

Travis said...

We're getting a bit stir crazy around here. We tried to go out this morning but it's still too icy. Maybe later today, but it looks like the temps won't get warm enough to melt anything.


The snow is lovely to look at, but it's becoming damned inconvenient.

Smalltown RN said...

There's nothing better than a comfy bed....hope you get done what you have to....cheers my friend!

dr sardonicus said...

Sleep number bed. Good idea. But I can't find anyone who will buy me one for Christmas...

terri said...

It does seem that the hours and days are shorter at this time of year, doesn't it? I feel the same way. Too much to do and not enough time to do it all!

Jocelyn said...

I love that you can appreciate Maya's little body in your the same time you might want to consider sleeping in your recliner again!

Casdok said...

Hope you get all your things done - no there isnt enough time in the day.
And i hope you have peaceful night too.