Monday, March 31, 2008


As much as I do like spring, I'm not so sure I understand or am a good party to be trying to give comparisons to how much certain products and stuff reminds me of spring. For me, that aspect isn't part and parcel of what spring represents. I think of it more in terms of a spiritual renewal -the beginning of new things, a freshness in the air, warmth -or warming, at least.


Travis said...

I don't think I associate specific products with spring either. I think since I became old enough to make my own money, I've just bought whatever I wanted when I wanted it. So I don't associate anything with a specific season.

I measure the new season by sports. If the NCAA tournament is on and it's Opening Day for baseball, then that says spring to me.

terri said...

I'm with you, Jeni. Spring is about personal and spiritual renewal. After the long, draining winter, spring gives us a chance to rejuvenate ourselves.