Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Check My Hearing?

Look at this folks - it's currently 11:28 p.m. and my little guy is asleep! Out like a light! Mandy just went to bed and after I write this post and maybe play a game or two of Zuma while watching/listening to Leno, I'm hoping to hit the old sack myself. Last week, Mandy started to give Kurtis Melatonin in his late night bottle. A lot of folks on an "Autism Message Board" I subscribe to have recommended this as a way to help little ones with issues -like poor sleep patterns along with autism (or who are suspected of having autism) to fall asleep easier and stay asleep too. With Kurtis the past so many months have been wicked because if he fell asleep between 11 p.m. and midnight, odds were that he would be awake and screaming bloody blue murder somewhere between 3 and 5 a.m. We thought it seemed to be helping a little last week with his conking out easier but he was still waking up several times during the night. However, this week - Sunday night he was down for the count by 11:30 and last night it was pretty much the same time that he gave up the ghost but both nights, he actually slept clear through till between 6 and 6:30 to 7 a.m.! However both those two nights I was still prepared for the other shoe to fall, waiting for him to wake up howling in the middle of the night that I was wired for sound then till after 7 a.m. both mornings! Geez, seems I couldn't win there for losing. But tonight, I'm gonna try to get my head on the pillow a lot earlier than 7 a.m.!

Just heard on the 11 p.m. news that Hilary won the Ohio primary. Hmmm. I could have sworn all those reporters who tell us how each candidate is doing in this or that primary had pretty much been convinced Obama would take Ohio. Wonder if they are considering eating crow right now? My own preference, when it comes time for us to cast our votes here in PA I think will probably be Obama even though I do think Hilary is a very, very smart lady, well-educated and just as qualified for the office as are her rivals - Obama and McCain too. But I have been somewhat disappointed in the vibes I got while following bits and pieces of the campaign as I often felt she was sounding all too often just like the shrill, overbearing candidate some reporters got reprimanded for describing her in that manner. Just didn't give me good feelings as much as I'd love to see a woman be elected. But then too, either Hilary or Obama would bring a big first to our government if elected - first woman or first black -taken just in that context, either would then be fine with me. But I don't like or dislike either of them for that "first" aspect they bring to the race - I just like the way Obama puts his message across -sounds to me like a person trying to use the utmost of common sense along with trying to give people a message of hope, inspiring, I would hope, a lot of people to exit their apathetic shells and come forward to vote for a change!

Today, the weather here has been wet - very wet, as a matter of fact. If I hadn't had to leave the house tonight to go to a meeting at church - the Women's group monthly meeting - and give a little information to those present about some stuff I'd been researching for them on the 'net about trying to purchase some dishes -preferably pure white in the Corning Corelle group -I'd have been perfectly content to stay home, stay inside and try to STAY warm. As it was, when I left and when I returned home, it was pouring down rain, temps plus the wind chill factor both combined tonight to create that cold damp and very wet rain that chills you clear through to the bone. It's been over three hours since I got home, I'm wearing the warm-up jacket Mandy got me for Christmas overtop of a long sleeved hoodie type top and velour-type slacks, along with socks too and still I can't get my system to warm up here at all. BRRRRR! Baby, it is cold outside -and also inside!

Now, one more thing that I forgot to mention in my mother of all convoluted posts that I did late Sunday night/early Monday morning - a little mention of something that happened at the supper table here Sunday night.

We had lasagne for supper that night. I made the sauce which meant it has a little extra kick to it in the seasoning department but not so much so that SIL wouldn't eat the lasagne anyway. But, I had the salt and pepper shakers on the table along with a big new bottle of red pepper flakes which I like to sprinkle over most any tomato-based pasta dishes. I generally purchase the generic spices - basil leaves, oregano, garlic salt and the like along with the red pepper flakes but somehow or other this new, just opened very recently bottle of red pepper flakes just happened to be of a "name brand" seasoning company.

Maya was taking a bite here and there, doing more along the playing with her food lines than anything but actions like that at mealtime are more often than not, the norm here these days. She was glancing around the table frequently too and at one point, she spied the jar of the red pepper flakes and just stared and stared at it before she finally pointed to this jar and said simply, "McCormick's - that's what that says, isn't it?"

And by jeepers, you know what? She was right! Now had any of us at some point mentioned the brand name of this spice, I would have thought nothing of that comment from her. But the fact of the matter is that I don't normally tell someone to "Bring me that bottle of McCormick's seasoning (whatever flavor it might be.) So when she identified that name on that bottle, needless to say, I was - so were Mandy and the SIL -totally flabbergasted!

And yes, I was seriously considering perhaps I should have my hearing checked that I couldn't have heard her say that, or could i?

Turns out I wasn't hearing things at all, although I sure did feel that way when she said that!

Amazing, isn't it how quickly they DO learn and the things they DO pick up too are often quite astonishing, aren't they?


Smalltown RN said...

melatonin is great for helping sleep but I didn't realize it was used in autism, but if it is giving him a good nights sleep and he feels rested during the day..then that is what matters...and that everyone else is gettng much needed rest as well....

As for Hilary..the late news hasn't come on yet..but what we were hearing up our way was that it was very questionable whether she would win...this is really the quite the race isn't it?

Dianne said...

I'm glad for all, especially Kurtis, that he is sleeping better.

And how funny about Maya and the McCormicks. I was driving with my niece in the car, she was about 3 or 4, and as we passed a store she said - "wow Shop Rite is crowded today"

Around The Funny Farm said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog this morning.

First, I passed out with laughter while crying!

Then my hubby turned to me and asked what was I reading.

So I read your comment about your daughter aloud to him. We both laughed hard.

You made us feel so much better. It is good to know that other people have survived one of "these kinds" of children!

Gene Bach said...

My wife says I have selective hearing. Now what the heck would she mean by that?

Sorry, but I'm voting BLEEEEEEECH on Hillary, Obama AND McCain. Will there be a box to check this year that says, "They all suck...get a REAL person!" LOL!

Minnesotablue said...

I have also heard Melatonin is good for sleep. I also feel the same way about Hilary. I just didn't like her negative commercials and speeches but I guess that's what turned the tide for her

Singing Owl said...

How wonderful about the melatonin! So how did the night go? ANd laughing at Maya and McCormick's. Smart cookie, huh?

Linda said...

I think one of the things I dislike the most about the whole political process is all of the negativity that goes along with the campaigning. One can't someone run on their own merits and not tear down their opponents in order to get votes? I will be perfectly honest in saying that I have never been a big Hillary supporter at all but when she started going all negative on Obama, that really did it for me. I don't want a President who's good at picking out another person's faults, I want a President who is good at showing us what his or her strong suits are and then using them appropriately for the office they were elected into.

Hope you got a good night's sleep and that the melatonin continued to do its thing! Too cute about Maya and the spices! Nice to know that you didn't need to check your hearing, isn't it?

Sandi McBride said...

The funny thing about kids is they grow up to think they know everything and wonder how they came from such perfectly stupid parents and when they have a family of their own are amazed at how much knowledge their parents have obtained! As for Hillary...nah, as for Obama...nah...I plan to write Pyewackit in

SnoopMurph said...

I forgot about melatonin and I have heard good responses from parents trying it. I am glad Kurtis is sleeping well.

Connor is in a down pattern this week, very agitated. Working through it moment to moment.

I was disappointed that the campaigning turned so negative from Hillary in the last week. I would love to see them run on strong suits rather than put others down. It shows more character. She does sound very shrill-it's hard to listen to her when she is yelling to make a point.

lattégirl said...

I am thrilled that the melatonin seems to be working for the little guy. I have been figuratively scratching my head these many months wondering what might possibly help the boy go to sleep at a normal hour. I'm sure his little brain is much better off for the decent sleep.

Amazing about Maya reading that label straight off the jar.

I think you've got a pair of really sharp grandkids, there.

lattégirl said...

BTW: I imagine you know that "give up the ghost" means something entirely different than what you meant.

Casdok said...

Yes very astonishing! :)

Kind Claudia said...

Hmmmm maybe you should get your hearing checked!? ;)

Hey - there's an award waiting for you at Everyday Kindness.