Monday, March 03, 2008

A Little News

After my monstrously large post last night in which I covered practically everything from soup to nuts - but hey, I betcha it cured some people's insomnia along the way -I'm here now to give you a little dabble of news. Just a tiny FYI, ya know.

First off, if you glance over to my sidebar, I've added the above picture and another new widgets there -one is just a little picture and Irish rainbow message that Skittles put out on her blog and is just there as a reminder to each of my readers how much I value your visits and especially the comments many leave behind for me. (I also appreciate your patience with me too when I get really, REALLY long-winded too!)

The other new widget is from Sunshine and is about a month-long celebration she's going to have at her place in honor of birthdays. She's going to be recognizing any blogger -who notifies her (of course you gotta let her know -I mean she's good but she's not quite in the mind reading business either, ya know) with greetings for a Happy Birthday. And, because she loves birthday celebrations, even if your birthday is not in the month of March and you want to be included in her celebration -hey, it's gonna be one great big party bash -drop her a note and she'll send you the code for a nifty little "Unbirthday madhatter celebration" widget you can add to your sidebar too! See, isn't this the cutest thing though?

Go check out Sunshine's blog now and get the full details of all she's got in the works to entertain all visitors to her blog. You're gonna love it!

And, there you have it! My news for the day. Call it the 5:30 Evening News report if you will.

That was painless enough now wasn't it?


terri said...

Cute and fun widgets!

Gretchen said...

Tried to click on the links for Sunshine, but Blogger said it doesn't exist?

Gretchen said...

It works now. :)

I tried replying to your email, but it came back as undeliverable? Stupid YaHell. Anyhow, yes, please do send the contact info. I'm always looking for new things to photograph!

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, now I am thoroughly confused. But then, it doens't take much these days...but it was fun. Wasn't it?

Around The Funny Farm said...

Haha... The Internet Blog Report is YOU!