Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Things That Pop Up!

Ok - everyone knows by now that the rodent from Gobbler's Knob saw his shadow yesterday, don't 'cha? How could he not see it what with all the lights from the tv cameras all glaring down on him!

And besides, what the heck is all the hullabaloo about there anyway? If you remember the four seasons -equinox or something like that, isn't it (science was never my strong point), we all know that in mid-March, we have the first day of spring -and that's what, oh gee, six weeks from now!

But heck, the whole thing keeps good old Punxsatawny, PA kicking, living, breathing, pulling in some good touristo bucks, and that's what counts overall, isn't it?

I meant to post this last night and got tired, crashed relatively early (for me, anyway) -before midnight -but here it is now, today. Nothing much though, just a little Maya story.

Last night, Bill (the SIL) happened to notice something on the younger cat's eye - said it looked like a glob of goop - and he called out to Katie to bring him a paper towel. She asked what he wanted it for and he said he was going to clean this stuff off Nina's eye.

I don't know what else may have been said - probably something muttered in the kitchen between Mandy and Kate that Maya overheard and decided to take that ball and run with it.

But anyway, next thing we now, Maya starts running around and in a voice she uses sometimes when she is worked up, a little upset but not at meltdown phase yet - kind of small and squeaky is the best I can do to describe it -she's half-crying too "Camera, the camera! Where's the camera?" And she begins repeating these things several times then too.

Now what brought this out from her - who knows! We sure don't have a clue. But you can bet your bottom dollar anytime one of us is a little excited, mildly worked up about something, you'll probably hear someone utter, "Camera, the camera! Where's the camera?

Tag lines like that -and lots of others too - tend to "pop up" here with me, with my kids.

One line that the older daughter and I adopted years ago stems from an episode on that great old sit-com, "WKRP in Cincinnati" and it was the one where they all got stuck in an elevator. By mutual decision, they decided that Dr. Johnny Fever would lower himself down the elevator shaft and find help to set the rest free. They had no idea how far down the elevator had dropped so decided they needed a room to help lower him down the shaft.

When Dr. Fever began his "descent" it was discovered the elevator was only maybe a foot or so from a ledge of some type - something like that -and that a rope would be of no avail. Dr. Fever's line was "Tarzan no need rope!" Anytime one of us is looking for something we think we need -that's the usual circumstance that tends to bring out this response but it can be about virtually ANYTHING ya know -either older daughter or I tend to think of that line and say "Tarzan no need rope!"

It's a great catch-all phrase for us -one that often, if used in a somewhat tense situation, always brings a big laugh to us and lightens what ever problem seems to exist at the time then.

Try it yourself - you'll see how well it works. And, if you use it around others who have narry a clue what the heck you mean, you'll also get a whole lot of strange looks in the process too!

Probably should have titled this post "Tarzan no need rope!" -huh? Oh well, it's really just one of those things that "pop up" now and again.


Travis said...

That's funny!

Debo Blue said...

These folks already think I'm screwy, if I start saying that they'll really start to worry:-)

Theresa said...

You now I never thought of it - but the groundhog should see a shawdow with all those lights! Good observation.

Like your saying- I should try it out on the kids at school and see the looks I get :)

terri said...

Our family is BIG on quoting movie lines. I'm almost embarassed to admit that one of the favorites comes from the Lindsay Lohan movie, "Mean Girls" that my daughter loves. One of the girls wants her friend to go out with her for the evening. The friend, who is obviously faking says, "I can't. Cough. Cough. I'b sick." And the mean girl responds, "BOO! You whore!"

Yes, we say that. I'm not always a mom who toes the line.

TomCat said...

I hear from a very reliable source that the groundhog saw that Bush is still pResident and committed suicide.