Sunday, February 24, 2008

Out of Curiosity

Ok - here's another question too! Only this one is actually directed specifically to a certain person - but unfortunately, I don't know the identity of said person.

Let me explain.

Some months back, I noticed some activity coming to my blog from someplace in Germany. Ok, lots of people land on my blog for whatever reason and by whatever reason, who knows. But this one from Germany, I noticed kept coming back -and back again and again -and what's more this person was definitely reading lots and lots of stuff on my blog. Not that I considered that all that big a deal because, after all, it is in the public domain so I can't say "Hey, cease and desist that!" now can I?

But by looking further I could also see how they found my blog. They had been googling my son's name and yes, it had come up on my blog and I referenced on numerous occasions to the effect that I have a son, his age, and name, etc.

I mentioned this to my son back then - teasing him about it because you see, when he was in the Army he was stationed for close to two years in Germany so I was teasing him that maybe he had a girlfriend there he'd never told us about -or perhaps, even more.

Well he -being like his mother - nosy, snoopy ya know - was curious as was I as to who this might be who was obviously looking into his activities over the past so many years or so. But, he couldn't think of anyone directly who might try to search for him via the internet. Well, that is until today.

I noticed first on the little thing on my sidebar that I'd had visitors from this or that region so I decided to click into that on my FeedJit page and there it showed I had a visitor from "Lauterbach, Hessen, Germany." When I went to my sitemeter, it shows that visitor as coming from Nordrhein-Westfalen, Meinerzhagen, Germany. Not only that, it also showed the search terms this person was looking for on my blog - looking for my son by name, then by "Clate's Girlfriend", then "Theresa" and finally, using the search term "Marion" as well. Ok, those first search terms made sense and I could see which posts of mine they had found using them - but searching on my blog for the name "Marion" had pulled up a blank for this mystery person.

So I called my son to tell him his stalker was back on my blog! I told him what I had seen that they were looking for there and the name "marion" too - which did register with him as he said he had dated two girls in Germany - one named "Miriam" and another named "Marion" and also that each girl had known about the other as well.

Which then also prompted him to laugh and say "Heck Mom, if they want to search for me, why doesn't this person just call me and get it over with?" Well, probably my dear, because this person doesn't know your phone number or doesn't know how to send mail to you here either, for that matter!

His response to that was "Well hell, Mom. Do a post and just put my phone number up there and say "Yo! You wanna talk to me? Call me at this number!" Ok, I talked him out of that idea - not wise to just post your whole phone number on the internet ya know.

But, if the party from Germany who is reading my blog, searching for information about my son would like to contact HIM, directly, if you would please send me an e-mail - you can use the e-mail address on my profile - just click on the highlighted area there that says "E-mail" and it will take you to a form you can use that will come directly to my inbox of my e-mail - and I will respond to you with his phone number and his mailing address as well!

I know - that old adage comes to mind here - "Curiosity killed the cat" - but he and I both really would like to know who it is who is looking for information about him -who knows why -but we'd like to know that.

And now, we won't call "Interpol" or whatever agency it might be to sue you and ask you to cease and desist. Read my blog all you want - heck, comment too anytime you please.

Neither of us has anything we're trying - or want to hide - that we area aware of anyway!

Help us solve this mystery will you please?


terri said...

Oooh, how fun! You'll have to let us know if it's one of the girlfriends and if she contacts him! I love me a good juicy story!

Sunshine said...

My hubby was stationed in Germany in the Army for 2 1/2 years. He dated a couple German girls. I guess I should post some details about his Army time in Germany and see if those girls come a-sniffin?

Although, he did say one of them, totally gorgeous, was a real bitch. He dated her because she was hot. Nice priorities, huh?

Smalltown RN said...

oh that is a great story...but you amaze much be all the research that you do that you came upon this...I have never checked or seen who or how people look at my blog...I am sure they do....I am very interested in hearing how one goes about finding out who is checking you sometime if you get a chance..this could be very interesting...this might help me answer a few questions I have about something that happend to me re my blog...hmmmm

dgibbs said...

Interested to hear how this comes out :D

Dianne said...

Oh I love a good mystery. And this could become a great romantic movie ;)

I laughed at the idea of your son putting his phone number up!! Could you imagine!?

Linda said...

I can just imagine your son posting his phone number and flocks of females calling him at all hours of the day! Hopefully the mystery visitor will contact you via email and we can get an interesting ending to this story!

On a similar note, I have had a constant visitor to my blog from Stockton, California where I used to live for quite some time now. The person got to my blog via a search of my entire name and there probably aren't too many people out in Stockton that could spell my last name from memory so I'm pretty sure I know who it is. I have left hints all over the place for him to contact me and even sent a quick email to his job (which he read because I tracked it) but still - zip!

He's read probably my whole blog (which is a lot of posts!) plus he tends to go back to the same posts that I've written in reference to him over and over. Talk about frustrating! I honestly can't think of who else it would be reading at that time of the morning and that frequently so it's got to be him but I can't get him to confirm or deny it. It's driving me nuts, too!!

Perhaps I should put you on the case, you sleuth just as well if not better than Nancy Drew!

OHmommy said...

Weird... an a little exciting. You will let us know. Yes?

Smalltown RN said...

I have a little surprise for you over at my blog....

fermicat said...

My husband says that I stalked him on the internet. Is it my fault that his email was published on the faculty list of the college where he works? It is not like we didn't know each other ten years before I got back in touch... It seems to have worked out OK for him. ;-)

Good luck solving this mystery.

Travis said...

Mystery stalker eh? Could be fun.

Sandi McBride said...

I don't know, I don't like the sounds of this, and it's probably just the cop side of me...but I don't think I would let this go any farther. Don't let your curiosity get the best of you because it is a dangerous world out there and not to be trifled with. I hope you'll let this go.

Jeff B said...

Now you have us all curious.