Friday, February 23, 2007

"Waxed String"

Everyday, at some point during the day I go through the list on the right side of my blog and read (or at least glance at) those listed there. I have a little routine when I wake up each day -get a cup of coffee, head to the bathroom as the computer signs in, and upon my return, go through my e-mail first, then click into read the Centre Daily Times - the morning daily newspaper from State College - and after that, maybe attend to corresponding with some e-mails. Once through that and with a glance over then at's site to see if there is anything interesting in the Clearfield County news realm, is when I usually head to reading my favorite blogs.

Today, my blogger buddy - Bob - over at "Letters I Wish I'd Written" mentions me and my lovely current ISP provider in a piece on his other blog - "Bob's Odder Blog" (which can be found inside his Letters blog - I'm too lazy to go do the leg work of putting the link in here.)

And in his piece there today, he referred to my lovely ISP - - as a "waxed string" - a term I really loved and appreciated very much because there are many times when I have called my ISP names not near as nice and polite as "waxed string."

However, the days of living with may be numbered soon as I am going to make arrangements in the very near future to sign up with the tv cable company for their offer to have a broadband connection here for my computer! I did actually take the first step in that direction when I contacted them the other day to make sure that our branch of the tv cable service is included in the Broadband offer and yes, it is.

What's more, I learned that they have two plans one can select from too - at two levels and two different prices. The plan mentioned in the flyer that came with our cable bill is their premium type service - fastest speed, etc and is priced at $42.50 a month. I kind of cringed at the thought of our cable bill running us roughly $90 a month or more - after the lovely excess taxes are added in ya know but then, they told me of the other plan which offers a high speed connection - just not quite as fast as the premium plan but still much faster than dial-up. That plan rate is a mere $23.95 a month - a little more in my price range there and fits nicer with the little bit of the Scottish ancestry in me. (Every now and again that side of my gene pool does surface!)

Because it often does take me a while to think things over where spending more money is involved I'm not giving any time span here as to how soon I will take that big leap forward to getting a Broadband connection but suffice it to say, it is a plan being worked on in my mind now at any rate!

And now - the Bushim for today and while I am at it, I will include the one for tomorrow and Sunday - kill two birds with one stone and I won't have to remember to put that in my blog posting tomorrow or Sunday. Which is a good thing because tomorrow - weather permitting - I hope to be going down to Bellefonte to attend a lunch or dinner thing there with the older daughter and my little prince (turning way too quickly into a big prince), Alexander in conjunction I believe the daughter said with the Boy Scouts or some such thing he is involved in nowadays. Should be a nice event and time to be around "Prince Alex" - which is always a neat thing too! This also frees my mind and time so I can keep reading the latest book I started into yesterday - another novel by Jodi Picoult - "The Pact." And so far, I am really enjoying this book too which is no surprise to me as I have yet to read anything by Ms. Picoult that I haven't enjoyed very, very much! She really spins some incredible stories!

And now - the Bushism for Friday, February 23 as well as the one for Feb. 24/25 combined.

Oops - an error here! I find that someone has removed the page for Friday, February 23rd and since I see some tell-tale crayon marks on the one for Saturday and Sunday, I think I know too who the culprit was that ripped two pages out of my desk calendar. It would appear that the "Little Princess Maya" has struck again on my desk! Oh well, at least this latest move won't entail my having to spend an hour or so trying to reconfigure something on the computer now will it?

So - here's the quote for Saturday/Sunday then!

"Kosovians can move back in." - CNN's Inside Politics; April 9, 1999.

And, just in case I get too engrossed in reading and don't get a post up tomorrow or Sunday - have a great weekend now, ya'll!


masgblog said...

your daily routine is somewhat like mine.....get up, go to laptop and get it going, bathroom, laptop.....same old same least during the work week (and except for today which is a vacation day for me! yippee!).

have a great weekend....

TomCat said...

Hi Jeni. I keep my favorite blogs in my RSS reader in IE7 as well as in the 'Blogs I Like' like list at my place. Someday I hope to make it to your list too. ;-)

What are the promised bandwidth speeds at the two prices offered?

Bela Lugosi`s dead said...

nice blog geni!

Bela Lugosi`s dead said...

i beg your parden...Jeni

Jeni said...

Why thank you Bela! I wish I could read your blog but unfortunately, I am not bi-lingual!