Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Night!

Ok, it's not really Saturday night here -not yet - but that song, "It's Saturday Night and I ain't got no money" is rattling around in my head for some reason. Actually, I think it's because of a bit of a dilemma my son and my older daughter are both in right at the moment. Both are really short of funds!

I don't know what all has created the older girl's problems - other than most likely too much month and not enough money which seems to hit all of us more and more frequently now. My son's lack of funds this week stem from the fact he didn't have any work! No tickee, no laundry you know! He and his boss thought they had work and headed out yesterday morning to pick up a load in Hagerstown, MD and got as far as Breezewood, PA when the dispatcher at the job called to tell them their run had been cancelled for them that day as it went to another driver a bit higher on the seniority post. So now, Sonny Boy has lost the entire work week. I just happened to think this morning though that he should still have an open unemployment claim and could possibly file for unemployment for this week. I think it would work that way as he was available for work but none materialized with his employer.

Now, a bit of an update on the computer problems I've had for the past week.

The Techie person showed up here and the first thing he decided to do was to uninstall Explorer 7! My cousin had e-mailed me yesterday morning and suggested to me that I might want to consider leaving Explorer 7 and reverting to the Explorer 6 and the Tech guy decided that too. And, it does seem to have corrected a lot of issues I'd been experiencing.

One problem though that still occurs pertains to my graphics but the Tech Guy traced that back to my e-mail program. For some reason, when I sign into my e-mail, it "shorts out" (for lack of a better term) the color resolution on my computer. Now, I can go in there and change it right after I open the e-mail and it operates ok then, but it is just that it makes it go wacky when I open it. So, Although I am considering alternatives as to an e-mail program - currently using Eudora 7.2 (I think that is the number - it's 7. something or other), but I haven't yet decided if I will take that step or not.

I still don't have my data returned to me - Dave forgot to put it and the old computer in for the tech guy to deliver here. I'll survive a bit longer I suppose till I get it all back and installed, etc though.

One thing though - the Tech Guy was talking to me about the changes coming up next month with the Daylight Savings Time being moved up to the middle of March for the switch instead of doing it the last weekend in March. According to him, this is going to create more pandemonium than did the switches anticipated when we turned the calendar to 2000! Makes sense too the way he explained it so here's hoping though it is all worry for naught!

Frankly though, I don't see how moving the time ahead actually gives us more sunlight in a day. I always thought each day has the same number of hours of sunlight whether the clock is set ahead or not.

Well, doesn't it?


Smalltown RN said...

Hey there....thanks for dropping by today....sorry to hear about the lack of work for your son, and the lack of funds....I feel his pain. I just got paid yesterday, to early to cover some bills and to late for others...the next cheque comes at the beginning of next month...two days late for when I really need it...and it is going to be a big cheque....guess I will have to struggle through....

Now with regards to daylight savings....I haven't heard anything our way about it being changed. As for the number of hours. In the summer we get 19 hrs of daylight and winter 7 hours(those are extremes). The amount of sun we get is relative to the position of the sun on the equator, north or south. So Bush changing the times really doesn't make sense....he can't change nature although I think he would like to if he could.

Oops just looked it up on the computer we are effected by Bush's demands....daylight savings is March 11th. Good in one way, I work nights that night so instead of 12 hrs I will work 11...awesome

Gene Bach said...

It's just another gimmick I think. It will mean none of my teams baseball games will get called because of darkness this spring though. LOL!

TomCat said...

I believe that the changes in daylight savings time were cobered in an auto update to XP. Visit Windows Update and make sure you have all the latest patches installed.

Vic Grace said...

I found Internet Explorer 7 slow so I am currently using Mozilla Firefox2 for most everything but a few sites I go to have so many pictures that they take a long time load so I also downloaded Opera so I have three browsers on my computer. You can't actually get rid of Internet Explorer because it has files intertwined with Windows but you don't have to use it.

I had the same problem with some of my files they did not come across into the new computer. Some of my favourite programs will not work, even my scanner will not and it is only about 4 or 5 years old.

I can't see why changing the clock is a problem you can do it manually on the computer and go back on the traditional date and put it back of just leave it for a few weeks and it will change over. Only those who need to time stamp their documents or have no clock nearby would have a problem I think.

East of Oregon said...

I don't understand computers or clocks, so the others will have to help you and me both ...

TomCat said...

Vic grace, IE7 seems slow, because of the anti-phishing filter. I turned it off and use Sitehound.