Thursday, February 08, 2007


Brother! It sure does seem that the bulk of my life has been spent waiting.
As a child, I was always waiting for a brother or sister to magically appear some day. (A little difficult to have happen considering my Mom was a widow, not the least bit inclined to looking for a new husband, or even a boyfriend of any type.) Or once I figured out that was never going to happen, I was waiting for us to get a TV set, or me to be given a stereo (record player it was called back then). Then I was waiting to turn 16 and get my driver's license but Mom made me wait till I was 18 - punishment for having driven her car up the road past our house when I was age 11. Gosh I was really a brat then. At least, my son was 14 when he did that with his sister's car and almost 17 when he got a ticket for driving "his" car but that had no tags, no inspection and hadn't even had the registration changed over to his or my name! Small favors he did me, huh?

Then I was waiting to graduate from high school. After that, it became waiting for some Prince Charming to come along and whisk me off to the little cottage with a white picket fence where we would live happily ever after and raise a passel of beautiful children. Yadda yadda! Ok, I got the husband, did get three beautiful children out of the waiting periods there too but Prince Charming - still waiting for him to come along I guess. (Actually, I quit waiting for that aspect of my life to be fulfilled and decided it was better I just adjust to living with ME!)

I've waited for decent jobs, for raises that rarely materialized with jobs I had and waited for snow to arrive, then prayed for it to leave. Waited for roads to be cleared - in more ways than one - waited for grades to come telling me how my kids were doing in school then waited for my own grades in college to appear to let me know if I was able to move up the ladder there and all the while, I was waiting too then to graduate from college.

Waiting for my kids to leave home, then worrying and wanting them to come back and when they did, waiting again for some prince or princess to sweep them off their feet and they would settle down to a nice married life and give me grandchildren. Now, that was one wait that was definitely worth holding out for! Sitting and staring, just staring for hours on end at my first grandchild - my first "little prince" -in absolute awe of him and how beautiful, how absolutely perfect he was in every way, shape or form. Oh and at age nine now, he still is - absolutely the most handsome of young boys, almost as tall as me now and smart as a whip too! Oh yes, he was definitely worth the wait!

But then I waited for more grandchildren and along came the granddaughter who, like her cousin before her, immediately captivated me as I held her for the first time and our eyes met. Oh yeah - another case of love at first sight there too! My very own little princess and that, she's always going to be! If I ever have more grandchildren and am blessed then with another granddaughter, that one or maybe more, might be "lady in waiting" or even get elevated to queenly status but Maya will forever be my little princess.

And a year ago, I waited for the arrival of my third grandchild - terrific - another little prince. He's my sweetheart! Loves to snuggle with his head on my shoulder and his momma says that's because Grammie has lots of padding that she doesn't have and doesn't look like she ever will either. He's a gem! My most-of-the-time smiles by the miles little man here, he is!

I've waited in doctor's offices with sick kids, fretted over a few broken bones there too. Waited for a diagnosis that when it came, scared the heck out of me on a couple of occasions too. Waited for surgeons, for promises of healing techniques, for rehabilitation too after the fact and thus far, those things finally came as well.

And right now, I'm waiting again.

This time it is for a new possession though and one I'm really excited about. I've talked about it a lot over the past week and it appears today is the day my wait for this is supposed to come to an end.

I have the top of my desk cleaned off of all the dust, crumbs, coffee marks, bills, other rubble and am waiting for the phone to ring now and hear the guy from the computer shop on the other end telling me he's on his way to my house to bring it - yes, my NEW COMPUTER is supposed to be on its way to its new home today!

And, for that wait to come to an end, I do say "Hip, hip and HOORAY!"

Now, watch them call and tell me it's being postponed to tomorrow! I really do have to work on my negative thought processes don't I?


The Shack said...

Sometimes negative thoughts, or pessimism, are the best kind. It is always better to have something turn out better than you expect that worse.

Anonymous said...

Buck up! That new Ferrari computer you're getting will have you whizzing around the net at the speed of light soon enough, and within a day, you'll feel like you've had it forever!