Monday, February 12, 2007

Good Monday Morning!

Now, how's that for a greeting for you on a Monday morning? No, nothing super special has happened - as yet -nor do I anticipate anything spectacular will occur in my life to make this a super good Monday morning. Maybe the fact I am posting this message before 10 a.m. eastern time is special - it sort of is for me since I'm usually not that functional at this particular hour of the day!

My plans today are to call the guy at the computer shop and see if he can give me some more insight as to why my screen seems to go all flickery-like when I open my e-mail along with suggestions on how to get my cds for the Windows Office Professional 2000 suite to install on this computer.

Mandy is working today but I probably will just have Miss Maya here with me and she's taking the baby up to the sitter today. Maya will be here because her "toy lady" home visitor is scheduled to show up at 2 p.m. today with the next little "gift" for Maya through that program. Should be interesting to see what she has in store for my little princess today and hopefully, it will be as well-received by Maya as the last toy was! She loved getting the big box filled with little vegetables, fruits and tiny boxes made to look like corn flakes, a carton of milk and one of orange juice and it was nice to see just how many of those items Maya could identify and also, was able to determine other points of interest about many of them too! But the little pinafore apron that came with that package was the biggest hit of all in the box as she has insisted on having that apron on almost every day since then at some point or other during the day! She apparently has a lot of genes that skipped over me completely, briefly touched my daughters but landed full-force in Maya as she very much loves to "clean" -everything and any thing - usually with a baby wipe but what the heck, if it picks up a little dust and makes her happy in the process, I say "you go for it baby!"

On another note here - if Paige from Paradise Valley happens to be reading my blog, please e-mail me. I've tried on several occasions to get my link to your blog -seen under my favorites here -to be changed but for some reason or other, it doesn't want to work and now, I can't log into your newer blog and I miss not being able to read your prose and poems.

And finally - yep - the Bushism for today, Monday February 12, 2007 is as follows:

"I hope we get to the bottom of the answer. It's what I'm interested to know." As quoted by The Associated Press; April 2 6, 2000.

All of which makes really good sense to me. Sure it does!


Dorothy said...

Hi Jeni! I was wondering how the 'puter was doing. Mine is still acting up, too, but it's the funniest thing...about 2 is back to normal, but then starts acting up again when I get on it in the's like, what's up with that?

Mike said...

I hope Maya has fun and learns with her new toy. It's fun to watch little ones at play, especially if they are learning also.