Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Valentine's Day E-Book!

Love Is In The Air! Can you feel it? It's just around the corner and here's a little something you can get to celebrate this special feeling on a very special day.

What day is that, you ask? It's Valentine's Day! Just one more day and it will be here - the day to remember love, lovers, loved ones -you name it!

And, if you'd like to get a nice little give to present to your special Valentine - or just to have so you can enjoy reading some time stories giving a tribute to love in general, special folks, lovers - whatever - here's where you can request to have the Writersville Gang's latest e-book sent directly to your e-mail inbox where you can read these articles at your leisure and enjoy the day, over and over throughout the year.

Simply click on the website here below, fill out the request form and put a comment in there too that Jeni sent you over to order this great little e-book!


Enjoy and have a very Happy Valentine's Day -courtesy of the Writersville Gang (and me).


Dorothy said...

Awww...thanks, Jeni!!! ;o)

TomCat said...

Very Cute. Anyone would love it.

Jeni said...

So Tomcat, did you order a copy? It's really good reading material there ya know!

East of Oregon said...

Happy early Valentine's Day to you:)

TomCat said...

Unfortunately, this mangy old TomCat has no Kitty.

Jeni said...

Well, you can always get a copy just to be able to read some time little stories ya know! That's what I did with it.