Sunday, May 31, 2015

Where do all my pens go?

Why is it that every time I need a pen, there are none around where I am at that given time?

When my grandchildren were still living here with me, the pens I had would disappear frequently but then, I could usually locate at least one or, maybe even two, under the sofa, a chair and at times, miracle of miracles, hidden behind some papers on my desk.

Now that I am the only one living here, my pens all seem to go into hiding on me, never to return!

I try to collect pens to have them at hand whenever I need one to jot down a note, an order from a customer, to keep with my checkbook and I like to look for extra pens whenever I need to visit a business office and happen to see a couple there, free for the taking.

I love those good ballpoint pens that are made to be refillable too as then, if/when it runs out of ink, I don't need to add to the trash because all I need to do then to make them usable again is to change the nice little refill for them.

I especially like those pens that have a sort of rubber gripper around the end by the point as it seems to make holding them much easier and they allow a much smoother style of writing with them then.

I love the pens that have an advertisement on them -the name of the company that gave them out, along with a phone number too, makes them really great when you happen to need that information and can't find the company listed in the telephone book and need to place a call to that office in a hurry. My insurance man almost always has a supply of these type of ball point pens in a jar in his office along with business cards too.

Business cards are a nice form of advertisement too but they tend to get lost in the shuffle in my purse faster than do the pens!

Unfortunately for me of late, I have had no reason to stop by any of the offices I know that have free pens for the taking so I haven't been able to keep my supply replenished very easily. I really wish a lot of other places took advantage of using pens for advertising their services as they could take advantage of great promotions at

By doing this, they would really -and very easily -put their name, address and phone numbers out to the general public without the advertising costing them a small fortune. And by using this method, it would endear these companies to me for many, many years to come for keeping me in a good supply of these items!

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terri said...

It's funny how pens are just a simple instrument meant for writing down words, but we have such strong opinions about which ones we like. My favorites are the ones write almost like a felt tip marker, but with a finer line. (Maybe they're called roller ball pens?) And I too appreciate the kind with the rubber gripper. I HATE those cheap Bic pens that come in big multi-packs. Seems like the ink always gets blotchy and leaky.

A good pen is definitely a simple pleasure!