Thursday, November 04, 2010

Dona Nobis Pacem

It's that time again folks!

Time to join forces in the Blog Blast for Peace.

Can you think of something any better to write about, to come together and each of us consider then how wonderful peace, throughout the world, would be?

And why I ask, can't we -by our common efforts -strive to make this a reality, not just a prayer, not just a dream?

Especially now, this month, when in just a few more days we will be honoring Veteran's Day and wouldn't it be wonderful though to think that if there were peace, we could simply honor those who choose to serve our country and not have to think about the fact that all too often -even today -we must honor those who served and died in their quest to acquire peace -for us and for all mankind.

Peace means so many things to different people though. To some, it obviously means living without the fear of fighting, of bombs, of terroristic acts and such. To others, it may mean simply having adequate housing and food for their family that would bring them peace -and joy too.

Many of us who live in this country don't really have those worries about us all of the time and we too often forget how important this one little word -PEACE -really is. We take it for granted as for the most part we can go about our daily lives in a very peaceful manner.

But so many others across the globe don't have that available to them and we should, we must, remember that and their plight now and always that someday, through the talents, and freedom available to us, that simply by unifying in this effort, putting it out front in our daily lives, we can someday achieve what seems at times to be the unattainable.

Bring your voice into this today and blog for peace, please.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. A small step, yes -but the more who take those words and work towards that end, the better things will be for each and every one of us.

And that is what I do firmly believe and is something I am today and always thankful that I live in a place where I can express my beliefs, freely, without fear of prosecution or retaliation -one form of peace right there.


Sandee said...

Hope you are feeling well.

Have a terrific day. Big hug.

CiCi said...

Peace is a dream but you are right, wouldn't it be wonderful if it could be a reality.

Anonymous said...

I am ever mindful of how fortunate my children and I are, to be in this place and time.. I am also mindful of those who are less fortunate across the globe..
I maintain peace within myself which I give freely to others, which I have taught my children to maintain within themselves and give freely to others, and it is forever on tap in our home..
Great post Jeni.. Thanks.

Suldog said...

You always have such beautiful thoughts, Jeni. Thanks for sharing them. Peace!

Annelisa said...

What an excellent Peace post...yes, we should always take a little time to remember that not everyone is as priviledged as ourselves. Even in our own countries.

Thank you for this. It is good food for thought. I hope that we can make a differnce.

"Many little things done by many little people can change the face of the world"

Peace to you and yours x

Travis Cody said...

I like the way your mind works. This is well done.


Finding Pam said...

You have the right idea about peace. I enjoyed your post.

Peace to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

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Annelisa said...

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