Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pictures, Pictures - EVERYWHERE!

It's DONE! I sent Mandy to the store this morning to get me some more glue and while she has Miss Maya with her - up at my son' s place with her sister-in-law, getting ready for a yard sale they're having this weekend, and with the baby sleeping - I finished putting ALL the rest of the photos on the one poster board! Yippee Skippy! I was a little concerned this morning that I wouldn't be able to squish the remaining photos on to the one poster board, but I did it!

The total number of photos involved - 168! How's that for a grand sum?

As collages go - I guess it's not too bad. Not quite as organized in the arrangement as I would have liked, but what the heck. I wanted to be able to put a few extras in here and there too - little captions, here and there, but there definitely is no room for anything like that.

And, on the off chance someone stops by today and drops off some other photos, there's even a few smallish spaces in which I might even be able to manage to squeeze a couple more pics in there! As it is right now, this display has a picture of EVERYONE from our class who actually graduated. There are a couple pictures - older ones - of at least two girls who didn't graduate with us - one moved away right before our senior year and graduated from a school in the next county over (Centre County). But, she has also always considered herself to be a member of OUR class, almost always comes to our class reunions, keeps in touch with several of us from our class and she also brought me several photos of herself and a few others from way back along with a wedding picture and some of her and her son and grandchildren.

I have, I think, at least six wedding pictures on the board -one is of the first from our class to tie the knot. I can always remember their wedding anniversary for several reasons - one is she was my next door neighbor and two, they got married on St. Patrick's Day of 1962 - two months BEFORE we graduated. And, the neat thing is on every picture where either this bride or groom is on the poster board, you can always recognize both of them, almost immediately because their looks have changed very little over the years.

For anyone reading this who may have attended Cooper Center of West Branch Area School, the bride was the Cheerleading Captain and the groom was the Captain of the football team -1961-62. Darned good looking couple they made though, don't you agree?

Here's a little special treat - this photo is the oldest picture anyone from my class provided to me for scanning. I just thought it is such a really cute baby picture and I'm betting you'll all agree with that too. However, I won't tell who this is on this picture - gonna have to be at the Class reunion to find that out!
Now, I ask you - how precious is that photo? And, if anyone reading this is from my class, I will give you this much of a hint -the person in this baby picture has been to EVERY SINGLE ONE of our class reunions!

I just got a "special delivery" here about an hour ago now. My neighbor, friend Kate, our Class President/Valedictorian too, stopped by an brought me five more photos to add to my "collection." However, some of these won't go on the poster board, simply because they are too large to scan and snip down. So, looks like there will be a smaller, corkboard display going along then with the poster board to the reunion.

Here then is one of the photos Kate dropped off - it's of her Confirmation Class at the church she and I both belonged to back then - both still belong to the "same" church today as well. Somehow, although she and I are the same age, she was confirmed with a group of kids who were anywhere from one to three years older than us. Unfortunately, I can't locate the box of old photos or my old albums either, with my Confirmation Class photo. Wish I knew where in the heck the kids stashed that box away from me!
From left to right in this photo are: Ed Nadzom, Mary Kaye (Larson) Gurbal, Eugene Larson, Millie Glace, Rev. E. A. Lindgren, Gayle Glace, Bill Gurbal (deceased), Martha (Nelson) Ciprich and Kate (Nelson) Eyerly. This class was the last group of young people in our old church - First Lutheran of Grassflat - confirmed by Pastor Lindgren, so this photo is from sometime in 1956 as that is the year Pastor Lindgren and his wife left our parish.

So, there's another little peek for you at photos from my past, from the past of some of my classmates actually. Hope you enjoyed seeing these. No, I'm not going to be posting all 168 pictures I have on the poster board, but I'll probably pick and try to choose some others to share with you over the next couple of days or so.

And now - here's the Bushism for tomorrow - a day early - for June 1, 2007.
"I'm determined to keep the process on the road to peace." - Washington, D.C.; June 10, 2003.


TomCat said...

Bushism for May 1? ;-)

Paula said...

Sounds like you've put a lot of work into this. Have a fabulous time at your reunion. I went to my 20th two summers ago and had an absolute ball. The past is so fun to wander through from time to time...

Shelby said...

You have certainly put a lot of work in your project!! And you have had tons of fun doing it sounds like.... Yay for you!!

Linda said...

I skipped my 30th Class Reunion last year as I had to work and just didn't have the time to take off to attend. That and it just didn't sound like a lot of fun. I went to a very large high school and everyone was very cliquey. Ugh!

Sounds like you put more than a 100% effort into making that collage and I'm sure it looks great!

Have a great time!

Smalltown RN said...

That's a huge job you took on...but by the looks of it you were certainly the one for the job....sounds like this reunion is going to be a lot of fun...thank so much for sharing all of this with us....
cheers...and Happy Friday!

TomCat said...

Good catch. :-)

Now that that huge project is done, what's next?