Thursday, December 05, 2013


Today is going to be really on overload for me with respect  -I suspect  -to my uttering that word "EGADS!"

I just finished submitting my lovely Avon order and gee, it only took me from about 10 p.m. last night until about 4:30 this morning to get it done! Mainly, because after I got through figuring out my percentages of expenses pertaining to my order and then, with adding in some of the items I wanted to order for my own use and for a couple Christmas gifts, etc., I was really upset because there were several items that came up on my order after I submitted it that are either totally out of stock or won't be back to me until the next campaign! Sheesh! Had to go and reconfigure my profit margins all over again after I discovered that little gem of information!

Then there's this thing too called the weather forecast for the next couple of days and that was really depressing to hear what the forecasters are saying is gonna be coming our way -rain later today/tonight, changing over to snow or a "wintry mix" (which to me means simply sleet or potential for freezing rain) and I really hate to think about that falling all over here!

I'm pretty much dreading the winter weather this year as my little car doesn't have 4-wheel drive, ya know. One thing about my little old jeep I had for about 4 years -until it burst into flames while I was driving it down the highway back in January -and even though it was the 4-wheel drive that caused it to burn up, I still wish I had that buggy!

At least with the jeep, when it came to pulling through the snow, I stood the chance of being the person that someone having problems navigating would need my jeep and these and I could be the one doing the helping out and not the one needing the help, ya know!

Oh well, guess I'll just have to make darned sure the road crews have come through town and plowed and salted the hills around here very heavily!

I am thinking now too of having sort of a little "get-together" sometime before Christmas where I will invite my Avon customers to come to my house for a little bit of Christmas snacks (cookies with coffee and/or tea) and I will have all the stuff I've accumulated over the past 5 months since I started doing the Avon sales thing. I used to do this years back when I sold Avon before -a great way to clean out some of the demonstrator products I purchased plus some other things I try to acquire too when the company has stuff I know my customers use on sale at really good LOW prices and then, I would sell stuff to folks at below those prices -a little extra favor to them for their support and patronizing me as their Avon Rep! (Helps me get a little extra cash then too that way!)

I just have to figure out what day before Christmas would be a reasonably good time to do that and then, figure out how much time I'd need too beforehand to get the extra baking done! Ah yes -I do bake the items for this event myself and might even do up little containers of cookies to give to those folks who show up here if/when I do follow through and do this!

Decisions, decisions and please, could I get some days that have more than 24 hours in 'em too!


Suldog said...

Egads! I can comment again!

(I have nothing much to say, but I'm happy to be able to say it here!)

Kat said...

A small car and winter weather do not go well together, do they? Even my minivan has problems with icy roads in winter. Ugh.
Hope the icky weather passes you by!

terri said...

We're in the midst of all that frozen, slippery road kind of mess right now. Not fun!

Your holiday get-together sounds like so much fun! What a great way to offer some of those fun products at a good price to your loyal customers.