Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Waiting Game...

I am, once again, playing a waiting game. Last week -and for roughly 9 months before that -a big waiting game was at work here as we waited, quite patiently for little Miss Lola Rae's arrival. That, I can understand completely, why it took so long for her to get here. And it was very exciting last Friday when we knew she was definitely enroute too. It was very sweet, kind and generous of her to not prolong that wait too as from the time Mandy got Katie to the hospital until she actually arrived on scene was a mere 4 hours. And, anyone who has ever been in a waiting game for a baby to be born -and especially for that first baby -knows a 4 hour time span at the hospital is a good and very fast time! Yep! Kudos to Little Lola Rae for now keeping us in suspense any longer than she did. Today, I am involved in yet another waiting game. No little baby involved in this one though. Rather it is anticipation of being able to -finally -go sign the papers and be able to drive off in a vehicle I can again claim as my OWN! After what has seemed like an eternity but in reality was only (only - Hah) a mere 4 weeks yesterday since my beloved little old jeep caught fire whilst I was driving down the highway no less and the insurance company deemed it totaled, I was expecting the check from the insurance company some time this week, prior to yesterday. The insurance office had told me last Wednesday when I signed the papers over to them for the jeep that I would get the check for the jeep within a week and if I hadn't received it by then, to be sure to call them right away. Well, as antsy as I am about wanting to get another car and as much as I really do need my own vehicle, you can bet your bottom dollar that when the check didn't arrive by yesterday, I was on the horn, calling the insurance people to let them know I'm still here, minus a vehicle and waiting. Patiently. Well, sort of patiently. As much as I am capable of waiting "patiently" which isn't usually part of my vocabulary ya know. So, yesterday when there was no check in my mailbox I called the insurance agent's office and the person who had handled my claim last week said she would check with the claims office to see what was going on and she would call me back. And, yes she called me back and informed me that somehow or other, the claims office had no fax, no record at all of any information having been faxed to them a week ago pertaining to my jeep and my claim! WTF! But she said she had refaxed them the information and that they had told her they would ship the check out by "Overnight FedEx Express" delivery! And so began again this morning, more of the infernal waiting game. So here I sit now, waiting, waiting, waiting for a Fed Ex van to pull up out front and the delivery person to be heralded to me upon arrival by good old Sammy -who generally lies in wait, reposing in the windowsill of the bow window in the living room and who announces the passing of something as small as a leaf flying past the window with a growl and a bark and a vehicle pulling up out front into the parking area then always gives him cause to bark and go generally crazy doing that too, so there's no way I could possibly miss someone coming to my house to deliver said precious package to me! This, after also having called the guy who has a car that he is going to sell me and which I am eagerly anticipating having my own set of wheels again under my fingertips, so I can tool around then to my heart's content. Or, just let it sit out front, waiting patiently on me to have a need to drive someplace too! Convenience! Oh yes, such a nice idea that is to have the convenience afforded by having one's own transportation, for sure! It's not that I go out that often but I do need my own set of wheels so that when I do need to go someplace I don't have to wait till Mandy gets home from work so I can borrow her buggy then! So now, the plans we had for today are down the tubes once again as the wait continues. Wish that FedEx person luck that I don't do something extremely drastic to try to explain the meaning of Express, Overnight Delivery!

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Maggie May said...

Oh dear...... if it isn't one thing its another.
I certainly wouldn't be patient in those circumstances. I think a daily phone call or two might hurry things along.
We also had a car catch fire on the Motorway one time and its no fun, is it?
How lovely about Lola Rae only taking 4 hours to be born. That was very good going.
Maggie x

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