Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Exciting Days Now and Ahead!!!

As usual in this household, there frequently is a lot of turmoil going on here. I guess you can call it that although sometimes -like the past couple of days -it's been exciting turmoil, not bad stuff and that is a bit of a switch though, isn't it?

First off, in my search for a new vehicle -to replace my poor jeep that caught fire on me a month ago (while I was driving it, ya know -now there was some excitement but not exactly the good kind) I have located a car!

Yep! And it's for sale at an extremely reasonable price too. The mechanic who has the garage and tow truck and who towed the jeep away from the scene, acquired this car last week and his wife told me about it. After which Mandy, Clate and I discussed it and decided this would be a good buy for me to get this buggy. It's a 1999 Chevy Cavalier -which is the same thing that Mandy has -and the mechanic told us that is all checks out in very good condition.

And here's a photo of what will soon become my replacement wheels! Just waiting now for the insurance check to arrive so we can transfer it over to me!  Yippy skippy. I will soon be able to come and go here when I want and need to -not have to coordinate everything with Mandy's work schedule!

And the other event that really has turned this place upside down and brought a lot of excitement and happiness is that on Friday, at 4:41 p.m., a new baby entered into our lives!

Katie's baby -named Lola Rae -was born, weighing in at 6 lb 15 oz and 18 1/2 inches long! She came home from the hospital yesterday but I have yet to see her in person. The game plan for today is that we will all be able to go up to Katie's place and visit and cuddle and snuggle little Lola Rae. Maya is extremely excited over this event and can't wait to start really playing the favorite Aunt role to Lola. Kurtis is excited too -or seems to be -but the only thing he keeps asking -and he's asking virtually everyone he sees this too -"How'd the baby get out of there?" Anyone want to try to explain that process to him in a way that he could perhaps understand and not sound too graphic when he spouts out his interpretation later to folks?

And here she is -the little sleeping beauty -Lola Rae! Isn't she just gorgeous though?

Now -just check out all that hair too! Awesome, isn't it?

I guess those two pictures really say it all for me don't they -as to why I'm so happy and excited and so is Mandy! (And, of course, Maya!) Can't wait to see how Maya reacts when she finally get to meet her first niece!

I already informed Katie that she is not to think or worry about spoiling little Miss Lola Rae as Mandy and I have that job all sewn up as being part of our duties!


bill lisleman said...

Great news - reliable wheels and a brand new granddaughter - That is a good head of hair. Babies are amazing but I think they are more fun when they start to crawl.

Suldog said...

The new wheels have lines similar to my Roddy's (a Pontiac). The new baby has more hair than I do :-)