Monday, February 18, 2013

Bad, Bad!

Well, I finally managed to get around to my reader and get it completely cleared for a change.

Talk about laziness, or having a severe case of "putting things off" -I don't know which it was that took over on me, but anyway, I'm good to go now and can start all over again being very lackadaisical about my reading I suppose.

Right now though, I'm thinking I'm actually going to have to take some drastic steps here -and do it very soon too! Those steps being a venture outside into the very cold air to take the mutt for what probably is a very needed jaunt. I'm thinking this is something of a necessity even though he is asleep at my feet at the moment, being very good, quiet and calm.

However, I'm also getting wafts of an aroma that is telling me something else. Either he has to really go relieve himself very badly or he has what must be the most severe, foul smelling case of doggie gas the Good Lord ever inflicted on any mutt!

Time to get some really warm clothes on, hat, coat, scarf and the like and if nothing else, clear my nasal passages!

Peace to you and good luck to me that I don't freeze something of tremendous value off today as I take Sam out for his walk!


Maggie May said...

I see we won't have Google Reader after the end of the year. I shall miss that.

Hope Sam got rid of all that doggy gas & didn't have an accident in the house.
If I feed the bunnies too much cabbage, I get the same problem with them! Nothing worse than whiffy rabbits!
Maggie x

Nuts in May

terri said...

It's tough when that reader gets out of control, isn't it? That's exactly the position I'm in right now and I'm struggling to catch up!

I hope Sammy took care of business and didn't cause you any more grief!

CiCi said...

We just got a pile of snow yesterday so the neighborhood kids will be out playing in the snow and having fun. I have gotten used to dressing in three and four layers and removing one or two layers when I am inside playing cards or bingo or whatever. I suppose Sammy has to go outside, which means you have to go outside too, so hope you don't have to stay out there very long.

Suldog said...

Here's hoping nothing froze off! I've been horrible at keeping up with my friends lately. I think it's something in the wintry air (OK, I'm just a lazy sot, sometimes.)