Saturday, February 23, 2013

Advance Savings?

I keep making all these vows to myself that I am going to try to improve on my disorganized life. I tell myself I am going to work on the various crafts I enjoy doing and make some headway then in clearing out some of the clutter in my life, what with the all the many storage totes I happen to have around the house, in my room, the basement, attic, etc., all filled to overflowing with embroidery kit projects, floss, yarns of many varieties for knitting or crochet stuff I want to make and totes with many, many pieces of fabrics too that need to be decided on what to make with them and get them cut out, sewn and done!

In the in-between time, I tell myself that I'm going to work on whittling down the number of books I have here that are thus far, unread! There once was a time when as soon as I got a new book, everything else took a back seat until I had delved into said book(s) and finished reading them.

That game plan hasn't been in existence for several years now, sadly! But I do need to get cracking on a few of the books I have waiting to be read. Really, I do!

One would think, since I am no longer gainfully employed, that with all the time I do have available now to me, I should have no problems whatsoever in getting at least some of these plans accomplished. But life always seems to have a way of interrupting us and those best laid plans tend to go awry, don't they?

For one thing, my memory just ain't what it used to be! I make plans one minute and five minutes later, I've forgotten what plans I made!

The memory thing pops up now and again though but in other ways.

Take for example yesterday -February 22nd. That was the day that my older daughter got married 15 years ago. Once upon a time, it was a very good thing to remember that date for the joy it had held back then. Today, maybe not so much.

Although, the best thing about that event is that my Grandson -my first grandchild -came about as a result of that union.

But those of you who know me fairly well now also know too, I'm thinking, that sometimes, things in my memory pop up and give me pause to think of other things about various events too -things that maybe may not sound that great to observe, but there again, you're dealing with me and my own little strange ways of thinking about things.

In that context, had my daughter and her ex-husband stayed together, yesterday they would have celebrated their 15th anniversary. And thinking about how quickly the years fly by, it dawned on me that 10 years from now, they would be celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversary.

But since that isn't going to take place, I can now look at their anniversary date with this thought in mine that now, at least, I won't have to worry about a need to buy silver as a major anniversary gift for them, will I?

See, I told you in advance that I tend, much of the time, to take things and think of them in a manner not quite the norm.

You should be used to my doing that by now!

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