Friday, September 02, 2011

Protection, Please?

Boy, some days the things that happen around this place really set me to wondering!

I know -or at least I think I did this -I have mentioned in the past that Maya has a bit of a tendency to be more than a bit of a bully Her main object to bully though is her little brother -poor little Kurtis. I suppose some of her antics are fairly normal and just the average kind of stuff involved with sibling rivalry but even so, it bothers me a lot that she does some of the things she does to Kurtis.

Rarely does a day go by that she doesn't feel the need to do something to antagonize her little brother. The other day, they were outside playing in the back yard and he was riding his little John Deere tractor (it's just a plastic pedal bike thing) and out of the blue, she came up beside him and just gave him a good shove which, of course, resulted in him falling off the tractor. Luckily, it was a soft landing and all that got hurt then was his pride. But this evening, he was walking through the living room, near to my computer chair and desk, and again, with no provocation at all, she bumped him, deliberately, with her hip and that sent him off balance but this time, he banged his head on the metal filing cabinet beside my computer desk. Didn't get cut -just a bruise -but he really did land hard against that cabinet and had he hit on one of the sharp corners, he could have ended up with a cut, for sure, on his little head. (I swear, the way she pushes him around he's going to need to have Scorpion-Helmets">scorpion helmets to wear for self-protection, ya know. He does have a helmet here that he has to wear whenever Ken brings his four-wheeler down and takes the kids for rides so maybe he should start wearing that all the time!)

A couple weeks ago though, the kids had actually been playing together quite nicely and then, they decided to go upstairs and play in either her room or Kurt's. They were up there for maybe five minutes and it was all quiet and nice and I had just thought that maybe this would be a good play session between them -no fighting, ya know. And about that time, I hear Kurtis start to wail! Well, wrong thought on my part then -obviously! I called upstairs to him, telling him to come down here with me and just leave her alone but he decided he didn't want to do that. Instead, Maya came downstairs, stomping her feet on the steps a bit louder than usual. When she got into the living room, I asked her why her brother was crying. Here's the explanation she gave me!

ME: "Why is Kurtis crying?"
MAYA: "Because some idiot tried to box him!"
ME: "And just what would be the name of that idiot anyway?"
MAYA: glancing around the living room she sees Pearl, the kitten, on a nearby chair, sleeping and she says: "Pearl!"

I had to laugh at her excuse that time as I told her no way was I buying that line because the cat had been laying on that chair, sleeping away for at least 2-3 hours prior to this little incident!

You do have to hand it to her for her ability to come up with some really off-the-wall stories though, don't 'ya?

Anytime she starts a story with the explanation in there of "I didn't do anything and I'm not lying!" my immediate reaction is that of the exact opposite and that she is lying through her teeth.

Such fun! NOT!