Saturday, September 03, 2011


When you first started to blog, where you -like me -really excited and thrilled the first time someone passed one of those trophies and awards things that bloggers often pass around to each other?

I don't remember now who gave me my very first award but I do remember how proud I was to have finally received one of those things. I was so excited about it but then I realized I had a bit of a problem in that I was so naive about how to do things on my blog that I didn't have a clue how to go about putting the award up on my sidebar!

Since that time a lot of time has passed and a whole lot of those little awards have found a home on my sidebar.  You've probably got more than a few of these things yourself and maybe you have your blog set up in a way that your awards are all shown on a separate page and not there for anyone to see as soon as they click into your site, which is the way mine are.

One of my good friends and fellow blogger -Jim Sullivan -who writes the zany blog SULDOG -announced the other day that he is going to "clean house" at his place and to do that, he says he is going to remove all those awards and stuff he's been given over the years. I really hope he isn't serious about doing that because he does have a good sized accumulation of those things and each of one his also has a story to go with it too. Jim, you see, has along the way, developed his own methods of handling any of these awards people have given him by writing a post in which he pretty much takes all kinds of pot shots at the person who just gave him which ever award it might be as he, supposedly very grudgingly, accepts said award.

Most of us who are his loyal followers if/when we do get brave enough to pass along a new award to him, usually know to do that under cover of darkness in the deep of night and then, to duck and hide until he has vented his wrath about receiving said award.

Actually, his acceptance speeches are quite the thing to read but still, if a person doesn't have a pretty thick skin, and does take a chance on giving Jim one of these things, best be prepared for he's liable to say just about anything!  His posts, to a real newcomer though could seem a bit terrifying and quite the scathing text there but underneath all his bluff and bluster, he's actually one of the nicest bloggers you could ever get to know!

So, I'm not writing this post to bequeath yet another award on Suldog, but rather just to tell you all about what a great guy and really terrific writer he is!

He had said earlier this summer that he was giving up blogging -a move that really struck a good bit of fear into my heart as I totally enjoy reading his prose -even when he rambles as much as I do except his tend to be about things like baseball or basketball or even hockey too. (Baseball and hockey, I can abide but basketball? BLEH!) I thought when he made that announcement though that his absence from the blog scene would probably be short-lived and thankfully, I was right in that after a couple of weeks, he came back!

Just nice to know though that people like Jim really do exist in the blogosphere, ya know! And he deserves, quite richly too, everyone of those ornaments he has dangling -if they're still there now -on his sidebar!


oldereyes said...

I've noticed that most bloggers give grudging thanks to awards, so Suldog may the only person in the blogosphere venting his true feelings. I didn't realize he'd stared blogging again since you announced his retirement. I'd go check him out again if you'd only give me a link in your post :) Seriously, I will track him down.

Travis Cody said...

I remember the feeling you describe. I recall it was always quite exciting to see a mention of my little place.

Maggie May said...

I remember those feelings too...... when I first started out.

I hope Jim, who is a great guy, will change his mind but he isn't likely to listen to me!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

terri said...

I remember you saying that Jim was quitting blogging, but I know that I've seen his comments on your posts quite frequently since then.

I'm going to check out his blog too. He sounds like a lot of fun.

Suldog said...

Jeni - Thank you for giving people a false impression of me (that I'm a nice reasonable fun person.) I owe you one.

(One of what, I don't know. But, when I figure it out, you'll get one.)