Friday, September 23, 2011

Kids and Kittens!!!

What can one possibly say about kids -small children type that is -and kittens that hasn't probably already been said many, many times before?

Both are generally really cute with an occasional one who is, shall we say "interesting" and leave it go at that.

Not that it's taken me over 40 years to figure this out but this morning, as I was trying to first sweep the grubby mess that was our kitchen floor but also then trying to mop it after the sweeping was done that kids are messy little creatures, for sure. But then too, so are some adults who live in this house too so I can't blame all the stuff I swept up -and then, mopped up -on just the kids.

But one thing for sure is that work has apparently the same effect on cats, particularly on kittens, as it has on kids.

It fascinates them and they can watch it go on for hours!

Well, sort of watch it anyway, in the case of kittens. They tend to want to lend a helping paw in the work aspect. But that paw, being thrust with every push of the broom to try to capture the broom -or whatever Pearl seemed bent on doing while I was sweeping, one thing for sure was she wasn't being Grammie's best little helper!

Not. At. All!

Her thrusts and parry routine with the broom wouldn't have been all that bad except that she also began to play a little game akin to kids jumping into a pile of freshly raked leaves and waiting to be hauled off to a burn pile or stuffed into a big garbage bag and hauled away. Her game though consisted of pouncing on the growing pile of dust and dirt I was accumulating from my sweeping.

The last straw for me was when she decided now was a darned ideal time to either jump right smack dab into the center of that pile or to take a bit of a running start and then, put on the brakes suddenly when almost to the pile so as to skid into it and send it flying off into several directions.

No, cleaning here with Pearl underfoot is not something I particularly care to do -especially if I want to get the floor swept and mopped up to appear at least semi-clean by late this afternoon.

That's about all the longer the "clean" state of my kitchen floor will last too -late this afternoon -because you can bet your bottom dollar when two certain small children return home from a hard day of studying at school, the first thing they will have on their agenda will be "Let's see how quickly we can get Gram's clean kitchen floor totally messed up!"


TechnoBabe said...

After school snacks are supposed to be messy, aren't they?

terri said...

One thing that never changes, no matter how old the kids get or how many or few pets you have... the kitchen floor NEVER stays clean.

At least you had a little entertainment while trying to sweep yours!