Friday, September 23, 2011

Apologies and a Rude Awakening!

If you follow my blog at all -or have for anytime I guess I should say -you know that one of my traits -and certainly not one of my finer ones too -is that I tend to be quite long-winded.

It's something that's been a part of me for many, many moons and considering I will soon turn another year over and be saying "in all my 67 years on the planet" I've had more than enough time to hone the long-windedness or better yet, perhaps practice honing it down a bit. Better yet, a lot!

I've also mentioned on numerous occasions in the past that I do have a lot of blogs that I follow too. I have them all on my reader and that's the only way I can deal with trying to keep current with the number of blogs I do try to follow.

However, in the blog following department I have another really bad habit too in that when I do comment, all to often I have a tendency by the time I've finished writing my comment I realize I have just written what could have gone for a complete post of my own then -but on someone else's space -on their "dime" as it were!

I'm trying to curb that aspect of my blogging life. Occasionally, I meet with mediocre success in the curbing the comments department but damn it all, if my favorite bloggers would write such great posts that really grab me and remind me of this or that or some other crazy thing, or some subject that really sparks my ire and I go on a rant -like I did on blogger friend Rick the other day about employment or lack thereof -well, maybe I'd be able to not let fly with those really long-winded comments, ya know!

But please, don't take that as a cue for you folks on my followings list to start writing about things of little to no interest to me or others, or to writing shorter posts, or to writing really crappy stuff either. (Not that I think for a minute that you people could or would ever do anything like that though and for that, I am really quite thankful!)

Tonight though, in going down the line on my reader I discovered something that really did bother me about blogs I follow.

This is something that I was of the impression once someone had laid claim to a particular name for a blog, that name was theirs to keep, to use, forever -whether they wrote one post and never wrote another one for a month or a year or several years later, that blog name still belonged to that person.

But apparently that's not true.

A while back, I saw a post under a blog name that I had followed but the guy whose stuff I used to read had dropped out of sight for a good while. I hadn't taken him off my reader because I know occasionally people do drop off but then, return at a later date however, when I saw a new post by under that fellow's blog title, I was a bit confused because it was all about a big pitch about a car -Infiniti -I believe is the make of car that the writer was going on and on about and that sure didn't sound like the stuff I was accustomed to reading at that guy's place.

Tonight, I came across another posting though, on a blog that I'd followed for quite some time a while back but she had dropped off the blogosphere too. When I saw her blog name up there on my reader, I was really happy and excited to thing she had come back to the blog fold but as I started to read the actual post, I was really disappointed to see her blog has apparently been hacked and someone has now taken it over writing about nothing but -of all things -poker sights!

I suppose there's nothing that can be done to stop things like that from happening but, if there is, and you know about it, how about sharing a bit of that information with me! I'd much rather have a blogger's place lay fallow, unused, unwritten at all, than to see that someone is stealing the other blogger's namesake and using it in a manner that the original blogger would never have abused the site in such a manner!

I know I can easily correct this for me by simply making a little adjustment on my subscription list on my reader but I hate to do that too in the off chance that suppose that blogger tries to return and can he or she then pick up their old blog's name and start writing again? I dunno cause I don't understand the ins and outs and the ways of the blog world all that well I guess. But if they ever would come "back to life" here in blog land, I'd like to be there to read their stuff again, ya know!

At any rate, if there isn't a law or rule or even an unwritten one, about actions like that, there really should be!

Just my little old opinion about some things that kind of, sort of, well yes it actually really does, annoy me!


RuneE said...

It seems that kind of problem is on the increase. You describe a kind of "hidden" advertising" by using other people's resources and and names. I haven't encountered it yet personally, but I have from time to time received very dubious comments (especially to ancient posts) that may have been a lead up to such things. That is why I have comment moderation turned on for post older than seven days and comments turned off on blogs that I no longer use. Maybe it is time to change my password too :-)

Rick Gleason said...

I'm not sure how one would be able to steal my blog's URL and start posting on it, without also acquiring my password and have access to my registered email address so as to confirm a change.
Hmmmmmm ...

I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but one like me, who uses WordPress for my blogging venture, is pretty well protected I would hope.

My original blog on remains and, as far as I can tell no hanky-panky there. With one minor exception I haven't posted anything there since October of 2007.

Regarding the long comments, my suggestion would be to keep 'em simple and save the good stuff for your own blog postings. Why waste it on the other's "dime." I do appreciate however your regular visits to my part of the sphere, as well as your comments.

Now don't you have a floor that needs swept? :)

terri said...

Was the blog taken over by Infinity posts by chance the one that used to be written by Hammer? Regardless, I noticed too that someone seems able to take over an unused blog somehow. I've deleted one or two blogs from my reader after noticing this happening.