Friday, February 18, 2011


This afternoon, wearing my lighter weight winter coat and surprise, surprise, no gloves for the first time since probably early December, Sammy and I set out for a little walk down the road.

Yesterday, we went along this same route but had to stop before we got to the Sewage plant building because of a huge puddle that stretched the entire way across the road and was too wide for me to stretch my leg to "hop" over it. Sammy does NOT like mud puddles, at all, and will go to all lengths to avoid them so that ended our walk yesterday.

Today, he got off into the snowy area still along the road and in the woods and found a spot with a little bit of brush peeking through the snow -which is the kind of stuff he likes to use when doing his business. (Yes, you could say he is a bit of a finicky mutt, couldn't you?)

But after doing that, he continued walking along in the snow, not paying any attention at all to where I was walking and that the puddle we encountered yesterday, while still there, the width of it has decreased enough today that I could step over it. So when he finally realized I was moving on and he tried to get out of the snow-covered area, he found himself confronted with yet another good-sized mud puddle. This time, he had no alternative and ended up walking, oh so daintily too, through that water to get to where I was then on the road.
This is the big mud puddle yesterday. I liked the way the reflection of the bare trees along the road shows up in the water.

I didn't take any pictures of that puddle today so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was a tad smaller than yesterday.

I did get some shots down just a bit further though on Peale Road -where the road that used to lead back up over the hill and into the area where the old Grassflat Mines were located. This road is kind of steep and has been snow and ice covered for some time now. Today though, the ice was still glistening there but it was more slushy than ice right now. And the runoff from that road is creating quite a little stream going down along the hill from Peale Road down to the first bridge across Moravian Run on this road.
Here's the road that used to lead to the old mines up over and behind the hillside.

And here's what the runoff from that road looks like where it intersects with Peale Road!

Speaking of "runoff" though, yesterday while reading various blogs, one of my favorite blogs to read is written by a neurologist who calls himself "Dr. Grumpy." (Perhaps some of you, my readers, may also follow his blog too -very interesting stuff he posts. And yesterday, he was writing about pharmaceutical companies and things they do that keep us confused about various prescription drugs and their availability.

Too bad the drug companies don't make available to people something like the hydroxycut reviews that might give the general public a little more knowledge to determine what the heck kind of medicine they are taking and exactly what they are paying for then too.

And on a side note -with something that was caused by runoff, of a sort -you all know by now I am assuming that the "runoff" from the recent chemo treatments I had created a bit of baldness in me. When the hair began to fall out in huge clumps back in mid-October, I had my neighbor (Karen) come over and just shave my head so yes, I have been very bald, very naked in the hair department for the past four months today. However, in the past two weeks, a very new thing has come along and it is now fairly evident too that my hair has finally decided to make a return!

And, as proof of that remarkable hair growth, I offer the following two pictures!

The first shot is of the hair coming in on the top of my head and the lower picture is a shot from the side.

Nice, huh? Looks pretty dark right now -this new growth -so I'm kind of anxious to see if it will all be dark when it comes in a little more or if it will still have lots and lots of gray hairs intermingled in there too!

Time will tell, won't it?


Linda said...

I love your shots of the road - and the trees reflecting in your puddle - but more than that I love the shots of the hair growing back on your head! Of course, it starts growing back NOW that the weather is finally warming up, huh?

Definitely keep us posted on the color progression! Be pretty cool if it all grew back in dark without the gray!

TechnoBabe said...

When the snow melts there is water and slush everywhere, and then it gets cold again and there is ice and slush. Fun.
Your head is smooth and nicely shaped. You sure didn't get knocked around as a kid!

Maggie May said...

Mine turned out to be white when it was at that stage and then darkened. I also got curls which have now gone because I had it cut really short.
Seems that chemo causes strange things to happen.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

terri said...

Seems like your weather was much the same as ours this week... warm with a good amount of snow melting. I loved it! But it's turned cold again and snow is in the forecast. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.

Love your pictures. They look so warm and springy!

And congrats on the return of your hair :-)

Travis Cody said...

Spring returns in its own good time, doesn't it?

And congratulations on the return of your hair!