Saturday, February 19, 2011

Excuses, Excuses!

Some days just seem to glide along -like a sweet summer breeze. Then others are much more like a tornado -ripping through everything. Around here, often the days are a mix of both types of weather conditions.

Take yesterday for an example.

Mandy took Maya in to see the doctor early in the morning because she'd been running a fever Thursday night of around 101. It had dropped initially in the morning but then started to spike again before it was time for Maya to leave for school so Mandy decided to keep her home and to call the doctor, take her in there to be checked.

Maya was totally ticked off at being kept home from school! And Maya, totally ticked off, is not a good scene. But Mandy prevailed. Took her to the doctor where she was told Maya has a sinus infection as well as allergies.

Back home in time to get Kurtis on his van and off to school, and then Mandy left to run back in town and pick up the prescriptions for Maya. She got about 3 miles from home and ran out of gas! Talk about good luck, huh? So Ken rescued her and she got in town for the meds and back home again.

A little past 3 p.m. and a phone call from older daughter in which she tells about her fiance who had just called her to say he was on Benner Pike and that he didn't know what was wrong but he was having problems with his truck. Gee, seems to be out of gas! Imagine that. Seems to me the family had a bit of an epidemic this week with vehicles running out of gas.

Then, waiting to hear from Clayton as to what time he'd be in yesterday only to learn he was stuck, outside of Allentown, with two flat tires!

See what I mean about tornados vs summer breezes?

So Mandy decided she would fix supper last night -Stromboli, no less. As she was working in the kitchen with the ingredients and the prep work, Kurtis was messing around out there and got into some hot water with his mother.

I'm not sure what his initial offense was but Mandy yelled at him and when he decided not to listen but rather to keep on making a bit of a mess, Mandy gave him a tap on the behind and sent him packing off to the living room. He was supposed to go sit down, which he did -on the arm of the other recliner and from that perch, he proceeded to launch a full-fledged noise campaign -crying, screaming (alternating between the two) and shoving his fists in his mouth so as to possibly gag himself and then the result of that would be that he probably would throw up.

Wonnerful, wonnerful. Just what I always wanted, ya know.

And I was trying to get him to quiet down as he was drowning out the dialogue on the episode of Law and Order I was trying to watch.

After much heated discussion trying to get him to quiet down, he informed me he couldn't be quiet, couldn't quit fussing and I asked him why.

His answer: "I can't, Gram 'cause I has allergies."

Needless to say, the stern look on my face disappeared immediately as I couldn't keep from howling, I was laughing so hard at him and his latest excuse.

Could you keep a straight face if a 5-year-old gave you an answer like that?


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Wow! Car issues seemed to be an epidemic this week.

Sandee said...

I does look like cars are giving everyone fits. It happens.

I wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face either. I would have been on the floor laughing my behind off.

Have a terrific day. :)

Maggie May said...

I think laughter is infectious!

What a palaver about the cars running out of petrol and breaking down like that. What are the chances of that happening to all of you in such a short time?
Maggie x

Nuts in May

terri said...

Well most of us adults use headaches and other various aches and pains as excuses for our own bad behavior. Guess Kurtis figured that out and decided to try it too!

Hope all the gas tanks stay full from now on!

Marguerite said...

Too funny! Sounds like a comedy of errors, for sure! Never a dull moment at your place! :)

TechnoBabe said...

If his sister gets any attention because of allergies, he wanted some too. You tell a good story. Hope you are feeling good.