Friday, February 18, 2011

Comparisons -and Other Things...

My blogger friend, Maggie Mae (of Nuts in May) posted yesterday about a small animated movie she'd seen and recommended it highly. The Movie -"Mary and Max" is one I haven't seen, which isn't unusual because my movie viewing is generally relegated to what ever is on the tv that I'd like to see -but anyway, this movie sounds really interesting to me. I can't, of course, not having seen it, really describe it but by Maggie's description it struck me that it's a lot like blogging can be. (You'll have to go read Maggie's write-up in order to grasp my drift here.)

Anyway, it made me think about blogging and friends. We -bloggers, that is -meet in this huge concourse called the Internet. We find each other by various means -just random hop-scotching around using the "next blog" feature perhaps or we find another blogger whose writing and thoughts we appreciate, or someone recommends a specific blogger in a post and before you know it, we've got blogs we follow and if we're lucky, maybe some bloggers even follow us too.

We write about all kinds of things! Family, children, good times, bad times, pets, work (or lack thereof) hobbies galore, books, movies, music -a virtual plethora of topics that can be found by reading others blogs. I suppose there are some folks who, in their blogs, write of things that put themselves out for our perusal as wonderful individuals who, in reality, they really aren't that at all. But, for the most part, we trust our fellow bloggers writings to be true, accurate (as much as possible) about their lives, their feelings and such.

And quite often from these readings of others thoughts, ideas, feelings, we come to feel a camaraderie with many of these people and yes, even to the extent that we say we are friends. Friends, sight unseen often unless one or the other of the "friends" or bloggers posts pictures that include themselves in those pics. But even then, do we really know that is what the other blogger looks like and yet, much of the time, based on what they say they like, do, eat, participate in, etc., we take them at their word and yes, we do become friends.

There are a few bloggers who I "met" back when I first started out with this blog and really wasn't sure what direction I was going to take with it, who still "follow" me and I, them. Speaking of the direction of this blog, it sure has become quite eclectic, hasn't it? Or perhaps a better description of this would be to say it, like the writer, has "no direction?" Maybe a little or a lot, at times, of both would be more accurate.

Whatever. It is what it is.

Yesterday, I ventured out again to walk the mutt, Samuel J. Muttley, as I refer to him from time to time. (When I first called him that, I didn't give it any thought. Just joking around to give him a full name, ya know. But Miss Maya later, at some interval, asked Mandy a question pertaining to my name and was wondering if my last name is "Muttley" too? Mandy was a bit confused at first as to where this question was originating until it dawned on her that it was from my calling Sammy by giving him a surname.)

See how quickly the direction in my posts can change? Just skip around with no direction at all in mind there, huh?

But anyway, Sam and I went for our regular length walk today -about 1/2 mile, round trip but got stopped near the end of our walking turf because of the snow melt that had created a mud puddle that extended from one side of the road to the other. This was on the beginning part of the dirt road down the street from my house. So we didn't get the last 75-100 foot of our walk completed unless we would have walked through this mud puddle. And Sam was definitely not up to doing that nor was I. Out in front of our house, at the top of the steps as you come down to our sidewalk, the snow melt always creates a good-sized mud puddle there which, unless you want wet feet, you have to side-step a little to avoid it. Thankfully, there is a spot to the right of the puddle to allow you to do that. And Sam, went he heads up those steps always does a nice little side-step there to avoid getting his dainty little paws all wet and muddy there.

Unlike two small children who dearly love to get to the top of those steps and raise a foot to bring it down, squarely in the center of said puddle! Ah, the things that do entice little children though, huh? When they do that, it always makes me think that it is because my Mother, wherever her soul is out floating about, is nudging my grandchildren to make darned sure they do manage to slop about, even with one tiny footstep in the puddle, as her way to get even with me for the many times I came home with wet feet, muddy shoes to the max, after having made sure my feet had hit every possible mud puddle there was along the road on the walk home from school, way back when ya know.

Ah, how some things never really do change though!

And tonight at supper, I heard myself again, the voice of me back when telling my Mom or Grandma some cockamamie excuse why I couldn't possibly try this or that vegetable or sauce, or whatever I had decided I didn't want to try. Tonight, with Maya and Kurt, the evil food item was apple/carrot/raisin salad which created the return of my own child's voice to me. It took a whole lot of doing, of wheedling and coddling these two, of all kinds of reasons why they should "just taste one tiny little bite" of the apple salad because there was not a thing in there of any substance they -either one of 'em -hasn't ever eaten before and also, they were things that separately, they each also liked.

Eventually, we did get them both to take just one tiny, teeny bite of a piece -the smallest pieces that I could find. Oh the price of success at the dining room table. Of course, that was all either of them would ingest tonight though -just that one teensy-tiny little piece although I was hoping one or possibly both of them would have this taste explosion in their mouth and then, start asking for a helping of the apple salad. But, alas, that wasn't to be. I was just happy by that time to have gotten the one lonely little bite of the food into them!

Now, I can start trying to think of what to fix for supper Friday nite -tonight, that would be, ya know.

Maybe if I try to get my mind geared early enough I can come up with some meal plan that will suit both kids and that won't be their usual request either -mac 'n'cheese!

And now, I think it probably would be a good idea if I ventured out to my little room, spoke sweetly and softly to my little bed buddy there to get her to move over a tad and give me some room to get into bed and get my tired out old self to sleep!

To sleep; to dream. Yeah, sounds good to me!


Lori said...

Those darn kids sure do love going out of their way to walk in least mine do...since we have so much snow I can only imagine how much of a mess it is going to be come April or May or whenever spring shows

Yes, the blogging world is a wonderful community...I know there are probablly those that are not good people but for the most part I have never encountered any that aren't good...after knowing a person and their blog for a period of time you come to know those who are real and those that are fake.

Good luck with coming up with supper idea's...I'm working on that too! Happy Friday Jeni!

TechnoBabe said...

You brought memories in this post. "Just try one little bite" was me talking to my kids. When I was a small child I was told to eat all the food on my plate. Period. No choices. For my kids, I thought I was being so gracious to show them the food ahead of time and let them dish their own plate, but I would ask to "just try one little bite" of something they said they didn't like even though they had never tried it before.

Maggie May said...

That was quite though provoking. I suppose it would be difficult to live out a lie for any length of time so I reckon we all have a fair idea of what we are like. But its true.... we never can really know someone through blogging.

I find, like you my blog is eclectic. Thats how I like it though. I am a bit like that in life.... you'll have to take my word about it. LOL!
Maggie X

Nuts in May