Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Race (and Chase) Scene

I've mentioned on several occasions in the past on my blog about how Sammy (the dog) and Fluff-Nuts (the tom-kitten) finally made up and became friends. I've posted some pictures of the two of them sleeping together as well as several shots I took of them when they were cavorting around. But those were still shots and don't really show the full depth of their playtime.

The other night, Mandy took this little video of the two of 'em doing their thing!

I have to say one thing here and now though. Considering the way Sammy "nudges" Fluff-Nuts along, I think he definitely would benefit from a bit of a quick trim fast cleanse after having had his nose shoved pretty much up Fluff-Nuts' behind, don't you agree?

I know too that after seeing these two little beasties playing around like this -and considering how Sammy loves to come around and wants to lick people -right in the face, no less -I've tried to explain to him that "No tongue that has been where his has been shall ever be found kissing me!"

Somehow or other though, he just doesn't seem to understand my policies in that aspect!


Gene Bach said...

Cool video. Our dogs and cats play together occasionally, but not often.

Linda said...

Looks to me like they're having a grand old time regardless of where one's nose may end up!

I'm thinking Tesla could use a playmate to expend some of his energy as he seems to spend most nights cavorting around the house and getting into everything and anything. I never know what I'm going to find when I get up the next morning! I wish I had half his energy, though!

Travis said...

That's funny how the cat belly crawls on the floor.

terri said...

They're cute!