Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Light In, Light Out.

Just a couple of things on my mind tonight -nothing spectacular, just niggling things I guess.

Yesterday, one of my neighbors came over to ask us if we'd by any chance seen anyone around his car late Saturday night. Seems that someone got in his car, drove off with it and then, brought it back, parked it out front of their house but not quite the same way it had been parked before. And he thought maybe we'd seen something.

Hmmm. Maybe he thinks because we have no blinds for window treatment in the living room that we can see people moving about in the dark, dark of night.

Well, obviously we can't because we don't. Does that make sense?

The whole thing about his issue with his car though really makes no sense whatsoever.

I told him that because of the hours he keeps -works all kinds of different hours, no set shift, day after day, and because his car has a very distinctive sound upon being fired up too, we don't so much "see" him come and go as we hear him. And, because of those off-the-wall hours he keeps, if we'd hear his car starting up late at night, we wouldn't pay any attention to it then anyway.

But here's the funny part of this story.

Whoever took his car and then returned it, apparently had a bit to drink while using it because he said when he got in it to go to work early in the morning yesterday, it reeked of alcohol.

Then too there was something else to this whole matter that is a bit puzzling.

When he came over and talked to me yesterday to inquire about if we'd seen anything, he had in is hands a radio/dvd/mp3 player that he said whoever took the car apparently left behind as it was on the seat of the car but he didn't notice it until he finished work and came out to his car in the daylight and saw it laying there on the seat.

He wanted to know if maybe this unit might belong to me or Mandy or to the son-in-law.

Now that really made me laugh because that item -all nice and shiny and sparkling with that "new" kind of look ya know -well, my jeep hasn't seen anything that new probably since the day it came off the assembly lines about 14 years or so ago! Not that I would mind having something in the jeep that worked -new or used -but nope, nothing like that in my car, nor Mandy's and not in the SIL's pickup truck either.

Have you ever heard tell of anyone "borrowing" someone's car like that, returning it smelling of booze and then, leaving behind some piece of equipment like that to boot?

I suppose stranger things than this have happened but not to me, not on this street anyway.


Paula said...

Hmmm....very interesting. Does the neighbor tip the bottle a little? Could he have driven his own car and not remember it? Just sayin'.....Of course, that wouldn't explain the new gadget left there.

... Paige said...

curious and curiouser; does he have a teenager or someone that would do that at his house, maybe they are the one pointing your way or could be he got busted on the driking and spending money on the "unit" but is blaming the "not me" ghost.

goofy neighbor, hey I know them :-)

Smalltown RN said...

My first thougths were the same as Paula's. All the while I was reading your story I couldn't help but wonder if it was he who took the vehicle for a little joy ride?

And if he had that fancy DVD thingy then why didn't he listen to it to garner some additional information.

It all seems a tad odd if you ask me.

Debo Blue said...

My brother used to do it with my dad's car. So yes, I have heard of dumb people doing something like this.