Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to Basics

After last week and all kinds of things going on around here, a lot of stuff got shoved off, not done, routines -what few I had -went you know where in a hand basket!

But tonight, I just came back in from taking Sammy out for a really quick walk (hey, it was nippy out there although the moonlight was beautiful) and I took him for one of our regular longer walks earlier today too. The walk thing, with Sammy, is something I'm trying to make as one of the kind of daily deal type of thing, not just for him, but for me. I really do need to follow through on this for myself to try to keep up the calorie burning and get my legs more accustomed to walking, more and more now, as the weather gets nicer, warmer and such.

On our walk earlier today, I saw one of the big signs of spring sprouting up along a small wooded area we go past -good old dandelions blooming! A month or two from now I'll probably be cursing them but today, they looked really nice with that pretty little bit of yellow peeking above the leaves!

Last week was a really rough week for me and also for Kurtis as we both got hit with pretty much the same "bug." I don't know if mine was allergies, hay fever kind of stuff, or if it was a nasty old sinus infection, but it wasn't your run-of-the-mill type of head cold, that much is for certain. Kurtis does have allergy issues so we blame that for a lot of his ailments that affect his sinus passages. Poor little guy was all stuffed up and the junk was draining like crazy apparently down his throat too, same as with mine, so we both ended up with really bad, yucky, croupy type coughs then too. I think mine is finally coming under control now as I got myself medicated with some good old Mucinex DM pills as well as a big bottle of cough medicine to try to calm the coughing down to a dull roar and it seems to be doing just that now. Finally!

Mandy did get a call Friday from the pediatric neurologist at Geisinger Medical Center -where we had to take Kurtis on Thursday for an EEG (brain wave test, ya know) and he informed her that nothing out of the ordinary showed up on Kurt's test so guess we don't have to worry now about seizures and/or epilepsy or anything of that nature. So that's a big relief, for sure.

I decided last week against setting up a team again this year to participate in the Autism Walk over at the University. My kids and I had a team in honor of both Kurt and Maya for the past three years but this year, I really don't feel up to all that is required for participating plus, Mandy has to work the day of the walk this year so I would probably have had to take both the kids with me if we'd done the walk. It's only about 1 and 3/4 miles in all, but I know Kurtis wouldn't be able to handle that much distance and there's just no way I could manage to push him in a stroller that would be large enough for him to fit into now either.

So, with all that in mind, our team is taking a breather this year from that event. But to anyone who reads my blog and who supported us in the past, you can always make a contribution if you so desire to the general fund for the Autism Speaks walk. It is for a very good cause, no two ways about that.

I still have not been able to reach the surgeon I had for my last surgery three years ago this past October down in Pittsburgh so don't know what the heck to do because the local surgeons don't want to mess with the hernia surgery around my colostomy since none of them did the initial surgery. I think I'm just gonna call the OB/GYN doctor here and tell her of the problem I'm experiencing, give her the doctor in Pittsburgh's number and see if she can elicit a response from him. I'm not in any rush to go under the knife for any of this but I suppose it is better if things get put into motion to get something set up. That way, Mandy and I would have time to better get things organized with the kids, her work schedule and such, ya know.

Other than that, things have been pretty much running status quo with me just falling a bit behind last week is all. The rain, Kurt's doctor's appointments, Mandy's return from Nevada and such and what little bit of a schedule or routine I had sort of went out the window, big time.

But now, I'm resolving to get back on track -back to those basics of routines I had in place -or at least somewhat so, anyway!

Better get as much walking done as I can before those old April showers take over and keep me -and Sammy -inside again.

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terri said...

It sure seems like you're doing a LOT of walking with Sammy!

Sorry to hear you're not having any luck in reaching the surgeon, but hopefully you're right in that the ob/gyn might have better luck.