Friday, July 31, 2009

Technologically Impaired!

Once upon a time in my life -back in those dark ages of my youth -because I worked as a "Keypunch operator" then, when I would come back home from the big city to the little village here, many of my friends and acquaintances would remark, in tones of shock, awe and wonderment because I was employed in the great big computer industry.

Or so they thought.

And, for a brief interlude back in those days, I did manage to actually work my way up into a trainee position in which I would learn through a little classroom instruction (very little of that), followed then by "on-the-job training" to become a computer programmer using the COBOL language.

But that period of time was the ONLY time I did any kind of work that required a bit of understanding of how things work in the innards of a computer or of any kind of computer technology. And seeing as that was 40 years ago now, and although I do have this computer and for the most part I can work with it -just as long as nothing crops up that requires a bit more understanding of those inner things, ya know.

The computer is the only so-called "high tech" thing that I do have here, come to think of it. I don't think a tv set with a remote control is really a high tech thing is it?

The thing is there are so darned many devices out there now and with all these odd names to them too -WII -(which I thought was pronounced as like W two until recently when I learned it is actually said as "WE" and then there are all kinds of cell phones, the Blackberry, and phone plans in some weird abbreviated forms; other terminology that gets bantied about like MP3 -what the heck is that anyway -along with the step-granddaughter and her whining and moaning about wanting and NEEDING this device because after all, all her friends have ipods and certainly any fool can surely realize one has to have what all their friends have too, don't they?

And because she also has this misguided attitude that she is a pearl and the world therefore is her personal oyster and she should be cultured to have only the finest in life but should also not have to do diddly squat along the way either, some how or other I beg to differ with her requirements.

And, until said time that she decides she can spare a few minutes now and again to wash up some dishes, or do a load of laundry -heck, just pick up her own clothes from the middle of the bathroom floor where she drops them -and then leaves them there in a pile -whilst taking her shower -just for openers, you see -I will be the voice crying in the wilderness here no doubt as I preach to my daughter about all these things that this kids wants and needs and urging her to proceed with extreme caution as to what eventually gets purchased for her cultural uplifting and enjoyment.

With the proliferation of all toys of this type -think in terms of the old saying of the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys -and that applies to girls/young (ah yes, old too) women as well -how on earth would you be able to do any comparison shopping for stuff like these technologically advanced items in the first place?

I think back to the gift I received for my 18th birthday -which was considered to be a high tech item for that era -and my aunt and uncle gave me a very nice little transister radio which I had for many years and it got used very heavily too I might add.

And I wonder too -do they still make them any more nowadays?

And my oh my -how times, they are a changing.


Maggie May said...

I certainly don't want anything else high tech in this house. I have enough problems with computers, routers & videos& resetting Video recorder, setting the central heating etc. Having Blackberries (apart from in a pie) or W11 will just complicate my life further. My granddaughters set me straight about how to pronounce W11!
I am all for a quiet, peaceful stress free existence. I don't seem to get it though!

Alex the Girl said...

I am so with you! The only thing I need a phone for is to make calls and have people call me in return. However, I own up to having a good computer. I must have a good computer.