Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm sure many, if not most, of you have heard of the restaurant chain, "T.G.I.F. haven't you?

Well tonight was the monthly escape from slaving over cooking at home night for the Autism Group daughter Mandy belongs to over in State College when other families with a child (or children) with autism meet for supper at the TGIF in State College and now, I am definitely going to need some of the best diet pills available!

Cause I am STUFFED! Filled to the gills for sure! And, I didn't even have any dessert either!

Now, that is full, for sure!

Mandy and I ordered the pot stickers along with the spinach dip appetizers which we enjoyed and even Kurtis ate the spinach dip with the red and yellow special dipping crackers or tostitos or whatever they are. Funny thing there in that Kurtis won't touch vegetables -normally -but he will chow down big time on the spinach dip! Go figure that one out, huh? And I for one will not say a word to him about it either asd I just think it's great that he'll eat spinach in at least one form!

Mandy had the flat iron steak tonight while I enjoyed the Italian sausage and chicken with penne pasta. My meal was quite tasty but I couldn't finish all of it so brought home a "doggy box" and can enjoy the rest of it for a little lunch tomorrow I suppose.

It's about a 35 mile drive from here to State College and on the way home, I fell asleep in the jeep when we were almost at the top of Port Matilda mountain and slept until we got to the house. That part of our trip also included time for Mandy to stop in Philipsburg so she could go into the Weis Market store there to pick up some milk and a few paper products we needed during which time she left me in the car with both kids rather than waking me up.

And the kids were angelic while she was in the store too -no fighting, no kicking, no screaming to the high heavens for whatever reason they might think they have to do that -normally.

Now, I can relax tonight -read the blogs on my favorites list with my reader, work on the picture I am currently embroidering and enjoy the fact that there are also no dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter calling out, "Wash me, wash me" to me!

The best part about today though, aside from the great meal, is that the guy from the cable company showed up this afternoon to check out the connection here for the internet and figured out what was wrong that the connection was shorting out and being just plain miserable to deal with here all weekend. And he found a problem at the pole in front of our house that he thinks must have been the culprit cause that's the only thing he worked on and since then, the line as been working fine and dandy.

Whats really great about getting the line fixed is that now I really do feel like I definitely do have a high speed connection for a change!

Recently, my computer had also been running slower and slower -almost like it was back on dial-up again and then from Friday evening through to this afternoon, if I was able to get online via either the Firefox browser or the internet explorer 8 that I also have and able to maintain that connection for anywhere from 5 minutes to a max of 5 hours or so, I was really lucky.

I was also really frustrated this weekend by the internet problems cause that's something that when it goes down, it definitely puts a huge damper on my mood!

So all is well tonight now. Fed, rested, a really fast internet connection working with my computer and no one breathing hard down my back right now wanting to get online here too! (That could really be the miracle of the day, come to think of it!)

Hope this is the way the rest of my week is going to be too!


Sandee said...

Going out is indeed a treat. We get to go out two nights a month with our yacht club. I look forward to those weekends every single month. I know how special they are.

You have a great time with your repaired internet connection. Nothing like zooming through the blogosphere and getting things done.

Have a terrific evening. :)

Keith said...

And if I must say so...Mandy posted on her facebook this evening what a great time she had and just applauded the fact that you took them all to dinner. Way to go Jeni!

Glad to hear you got your internet connection fixed too.


Maggie May said...

Isn't it strange how all the niggling bad things happen together........ and then you get a really good run of good things happening. Such as the great meal, children's best behaviour and the Internet repair! Lets hope you are on a roll of good things that will last.
I am all for disguising vegetables in food for children if at all possible. Best to keep quite about what contains what, I always think.

Casdok said...

Fed rested and fast interenet - sounds bliss!!

Travis said...

I used to go to TGI Friday quite a bit in southern California. The appetizer plates are really good there.