Monday, July 27, 2009

No Worries for Some!

Boy, I do so envy my younger daughter, my son too and now, it is rather apparent that the grandson -Kurtis -will never have to think about looking for any weight loss pills!

Well, that is unless some of Mom/Gram's fat cells are an inherited trait and are slow to show up in them.

If you'd see my son or daughters you'd wonder how in the dickens I managed to have three kids who are tall and slim -really, you would. Well, the older daughter was joking the other night, insinuating when she was here that she might be picking up a little of a "shelf" -like Mom's -but jeez Louise, if you'd ever see how that girl has always been able to shovel in the mashed potatoes, that would stand to reason that maybe someday they might decide to stay put, just camp out there in her body.

My son and Mandy though -neither one of them are slackers at the dining room table either but you never see either of them gaining a darned pound. And Mandy is like a walking or driving candy factory as she always seems to have some kind of candy stashed someplace either in her purse, in the car, or in a couple different hiding spots around the house where she squirrels away Hershey bars, cookies, hard candies -anything sweet -for when the need hits her so she is always prepared. And she wasn't even a girl scout. (Does that motto -"Be Prepared" hold for the girl scouts as well and the boys?)

But the one who really amazes me is little Kurtis. I marvel that this kid keeps growing because you sure can't figure out why based on his food intake!

Maya at least will eat a few things -a cheeseburger (or half of one) now and again or some chicken nuggets and rarely does she turn down macaroni and cheese or other pasta delights.

Kurtis on the other hand often has for his evening meal just a couple slices of buttered bread and some cheese!
Rarely will he eat meat -of any kind -these days. He used to eat half a cheeseburger but lately, he only eats the bread and leaves the meat. Oh yeah, he will scrape or peel the melted cheese off the meat and eat that -most of the time.

Tonight, Mandy and I had burgers -cooked to a charcoaled perfection on the grill out back along with pierogies and I roasted some sliced onions, green, red, yellow and jalapeno peppers and mushrooms on the grill too to use as a topping for the pierogies. Then we also had fresh, crisp leaf lettuce -from my lovely little garden along with some fresh sliced cucumbers from my older daughter and her fiance's garden too.

Mandy fixed Kurt's plate with a piece of buttered bread, a big slice of cheese and a pierogie -plain, no topping for him -and we couldn't even get him to come sit down at the table to eat until we both had finished our meals.

Then, surprisingly enough, he did polish of the cheese first, then the bread and tonight, in a bit of a miraculous type event, he actually also ate three pierogies -filled with mashed potatoes and cheese!

Wish I could eat like that and grow taller -like he keeps doing!

Sometimes, you know, life just isn't fair at all, is it? Especially where my weight is concerned.

So if you have a metabolism factor that lets you eat whatever you want and as much as you want without any weight gain, thank those lucky stars you must have guiding you through your meals and snacks!


terri said...

My Jake is like that. His eating habits are horrible! He seems to survive on junk food and soda and yet he seems to maintain rock hard abs. And it's not like he's even working out at all! I keep telling him it will catch up with him eventually, but if my brothers are any indication, it probably won't.

Jocelyn said...

I so completely agree with you. When I read or hear folks dissing those with weight problems, I get outraged; yes, there are behavioral issues, but metabolism should never be underrated. NEVER.

Maggie May said...

My grandsons are the same as your Maya. They are picky eaters and don't seen to eat enough to keep alive.
The eldest is like a bean pole and looks as though he is starving much to everyone's embarrassment.
I think it is all a question of the genes & metabolism and (in the case of autism) something that prevents them from eating & trying out new textures etc.

All the people who I knew ages ago who were like bean poles and who were able to shovel in the food in vast quantities when young........ did pile on the weight when they got to a certain age. So maybe it DOES catch up eventually.
All I can say is, enjoy it while you can!

Never ever heard of pierogies. Have no idea what it is. Guess I will have to Google that.

Marguerite said...

My son is like that, too. He can really pack it away, yet remains lean and muscular. Of course, he does work out at the health club, 3 days a week.

Linda said...

Most of the things that I inherited from my family I don't mind in the least but the lack of metabolism is something I really could have done without! Never mind eat food - I just have to look at it and I gain weight!

I have always envied those who can shovel in the grub and not gain an ounce, they have no idea how fortunate they are!

Sandi McBride said...

I always pray for blossoming lol...the skinny ones blossoming overnight you know? Pierogies!!!I want some!!!

This Eclectic Life said...

Kids go through phases, at least mine did. I made it a point to never force them to eat. I believe that part of the reason some folks have problems with weight is that they hear the litany in their head, "Clean your plate! There are children starving in China!"
Once in the habit of eating too much ... it's hard to break.

Suldog said...

Sometimes it catches up with you later. I weighed 135 or 140 through high school, and into my late teens. Real skin and bones. I used to put away a complete pizza, a plate of spaghetti, plus 3 or 4 slices of bread, in one sitting, and still want more. Now, I'm 185 (195 will happen by Christmas, as it usually does after my softball season is over and I get no real exercise to speak of) and three slices of pizza makes me feel as though I swallowed an anvil.

Same thing happened to my Dad. He was something like 130 when he joined the navy, 165 when he was discharged, and got to around 225 or 230 after age 40. The only reason I'm not pushing those higher weights is because I do tend to exercise more than he did.

Celebration of Life said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jeni! Please come back again soon and I promise I won't drag you to any yard sales! :o)