Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sleepy Heads!

Last night about this time, I was fighting with the computer, trying to get my connection to stabilize and listening to Kurtis chattering away in his pac'n'play while the little video, "JJ and the Little Jet Plane" was playing for the upteenth time since midnight!

He had gone to sleep around 8:30-9:00 p.m. but woke up around midnight and it seemed he had no desire to lay back down and go back to sleep -at all! Mandy came downstairs to try to appease him but nothing was making him happy until she hit on the idea of putting that video in the DVD player and boy, what a difference that made then!

Not that he went right to sleep -heck no! But he did quiet down and kept watching it play, over and over again. So as long as he was happy, so was I but I would very much have liked things a lot better if he'd have gone back to sleep well before 4:30 a.m. -which is what time he did finally drop off again!

Last night, as I said, I was having issues though with my connection -just would not stay on. But this morning, it seemed to be ok but by 1:00 p.m., it started acting up again. This time I called the tech services for my isp and had them look into the matter. The tech person said he could see that my connection was dropping offline off and on and he couldn't do anything else for me today but is going to send someone out here either on Monday or Tuesday to take a look at things and see if they can't get it to functioning at full speed and staying online too! GRRR! I really hate it when I have problems like this and right now, I am not sure if some of the problems I am having are with the computer itself or if they are all related to the connectivity issues!

Finally, around 4 p.m. today, the connection seemed to stabilize and was okay till around midnight when it started acting up again. Took me about an hour or maybe a little longer before it finally connected and so far, has stayed online. So, I figured I'd try to get a post squeezed in here while the line was working cause the way things have been going, it's liable to up and die completely on me over the weekend, of course. Don't all computer problems happen on weekends or after hours?

I wanted to share a few photos with you though -before I forget about them. You do realize that senility seems to have become a permanent resident with me of late, don't you?

First off, here's some pics of Maya in the neat little majorette outfit that Mandy found last weekend at a yard sale someplace. Maya is totally fascinated these days with majorettes and twirling because her big sister, Katie, is a member of our school's marching band as a majorette! Maybe Maya will learn to twirl the baton and when she is old enough -if she maintains the interest levels she has now -she might just be part of the marching band at West Branch then too!

I really love the look on Maya's face on the middle photo here, don't you?

Here's some pictures that Mandy took the other night as I was trying to rock Kurtis to sleep and our lovely cat, Chino, decided she wanted and needed to be rocked too! Silly cat!

Those were taken this past Wednesday evening and Mandy just had to get these shots of Chino trying to edge Kurtis out so she could show me how affectionate she can be at times!

Yesterday now -Saturday evening that would be -Mandy and Maya went over to Curwensville to watch the parade there for the Curwensville Days Event. Our band was marching today and we learned later, after Mandy and Maya got back home that our band also took first place in the marching bands department! Pretty neat, huh? What is really cool about this though is that the young lady who is our band director is married to the director of the Curwensville Marching Band!

We had a wicked time tonight trying to get Kurtis to settle down. Shortly after Mandy and Maya got home, Mandy was going to give the kids a little snack before they were to go to bed and she got two containers of yogurt out of the fridge to give them.

Well, apparently yogurt wasn't what Kurtis had in mind because when Mandy handed him a container, he had a hissy fit and sent that little cup flying! It landed hard on the floor and with a big splat too, which didn't really make his mother pleased with his actions, NOT AT ALL! So she reprimanded him which sent him into yet another tantrum of extremely loud wailing, lots of gnashing of the teeth ya know. So Bill picked him up and rocked him, and rocked him and rocked him so more -a whole lot more -almost all the while, Kurt was screaming at the top of his lungs into his Dad's ear.

Until finally, this is what occurred!

We don't know who put who to sleep first though!

And now, I'm gonna turn in too -hopefully, get enough sleep that I wake up in time to go to church in the morning. Although, if I do get up in time and make it there, it appears I will be going by myself. Mandy reminded me that this morning's service is the last service before Lee, a young man in our parish, leaves to go to Iowa to attend seminary there and become a minister in the Lutheran Church then. So, after the service today, they are going to have a "Going-Away" brunch in Lee's honor and Mandy isn't keen on the idea of taking both kids to church and then, to the brunch too. Sometimes, they behave fairly well but that's never a guarantee with any pre-school kids, as you know and certainly is risky business when both kids just happen to be autistic!

So I'm off to bed now -to join the rest of the family in some sweet, hopefully pleasant, sleep!

Preferably without any nightmares of the type I seem to have all the time these days too though -where I am back working as a waitress at the truckstop where I was employed from 1981 to 1988. And in everyone of these dreams, the same thing -or some sort of variation on this theme -takes place. That all my customers -bunches and bunches of those rowdy truckers -are all hollering at me to put some speed into my waiting on them and I'm arguing with them then, telling them this is the fastest speed my creaky, arthritic old bones have these days -SLOW!

Sweet Dreams!


Maggie May said...

Well that dream sounds as though you are under great pressure in your life and that you are finding it difficult to keep juggling the plates of life!!!!!

Lovely photos of all of you but particularly Maya.

Hope the internet is working OK. Nothing worse than when you want to use it & it let you down and yes, it is always at the weekend and always when I've no one to help me!

Jocelyn said...

I lOVE seeing pictures of you with Kurtis (you are lovely!) and am taken back, as you relate his video-watching wakefulness, to the first years of my son's life, when he would get through the dark hours watching a Richard Scarry DVD on repeat.

SnoopMurph said...

Love the photos and congrats to the marching band!

We have a lot of sleep issues with Connor, in that he doesn't sleep very much. He is up early and is not really needing naps as much now. But when he falls asleep, it is immediate and exhausted, like a kitten or puppy.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I love pictures of sleeping kids. They look so angleic and peaceful.

Suldog said...

Love the shots of you rocking the two of them to sleep! Fine-looking cat you have there!