Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heads Up!

This morning -sun shining brightly, still a tiny nip of cool in the air though -but I've been up and moving (when sort of, arthritic knees and ankles permitting) -had my coffee, took my meds and even had a chance to sit and talk for almost an hour while sipping my caffeine intake with my "favorite son." Seems he and his current girlfriend are experiencing yet another of those "rough patches" in their relationship. Boy, sometimes I really wonder -and worry -about him and his problems finding a good, stable match!

Got a couple little things here to share with you - a few "Maya-isms" so to speak.

Last Friday, when we were shopping over Dubois way, Mandy reported this conversation took place with Maya, another shopper and herself as she was looking through tee shirts, trying to find one for Bill for a Father's Day gift.

Maya: "Here be nice shirt to gif Daddy for Mother's Day." A comment that was met with some giggles from the other shopper.

Shopper: "That's good, honey. You go home and give Daddy a present and tell him exactly that!"

Maya: "Okay.

Shopper: "You sure are a little cutie! Where'd you come from anyway? Where'd your Mommie get you? Were you in her belly?"

Mandy says at the last question, Maya got a look on her face of shock and chagrin! Like, "OMG! No! Say it isn't so -from Mommie's belly" kind of expression. Know what I mean?

So Mandy tells Maya to tell the lady where she got her.

Mandy: "Maya -Where'd I get you?"
Maya: "From de Goodwill Store."
Shopper -giggles
Mandy: "Where'd we get Kurtis?"
Maya: "From de yard sale."

Needless to say, the other lady cracked up over Maya's straight-faced responses here.

Moving on here now, there's some things I want to share here today now and call your attention to some other blogs.

Over the past couple of days, I've read so many posts giving tributes to Dads all over the place in recognition of Father's Day. All were interesting, stimulating, many were really, really sentimental too. I freely admit that many of these posts had me in tears as I read them too. But two bloggers, with each of their respective Father's Day posts, hit me in such a manner I feel compelled to point you in their direction.

First, there's this guy - Suldog -from up in Massachusetts way. He's been on a roll the past couple of weeks doing all kinds of posts that Empress Bee would probably hate because they all pertain to his beloved Celtics and their playoff games with the Lakers. I must admit I'm not all that hepped up on basketball -don't understand, don't pay any attention there fore to any games, teams, etc. involving this sport. But, I still read Suldog's blog faithfully as he does frequently post some other stuff that is really very good, interesting, sometimes a bit wacky and often has very, very good blending of humor as well as sentimentality. Check out his post here for Father's Day and his tribute to his dad. You won't regret taking the time to read it. Trust me!

Through reading Suldog's blog, and on his recommendation a while back, I picked up yet another blogger that I immediately added to my reader. I refer to him as "Magazine Man" cause he is the editor at some magazine some place but let me tell you this, he's a darned great writer! Really and truly, he is! Has some spectacular stories he spins about his life with his job, his wife, his three adorable children. But his post for Father's Day this year was just so awesome, I have to share it with you. Go here. Read it! Then come back and try to tell me you didn't just love it too!

And finally, this is what I found waiting for me this morning when I visited at the home of one of my all-time favorite bloggers:

Isn't that just the neatest picture and award though? Thanks Terri, for your constant support of my meager efforts with my blog and the often long, very drawn out posts I tend to put up here. You just made my day today with this award though!

And now, the really difficult part -passing this award on to others. The difficulty there stemming from trying to figure out who to give it to since I read so darned many really terrific blogs every single day! Every blogger on my reader really deserves this award -really, they do! But I'm gonna follow the protocol today and try to select just a couple out to give them recognition.

And, in honor of their really terrific Father's Day Posts -today, I'm giving this award just to Suldog and to Magazine Man! I think I will keep this little award and just bring it out here and there to give to specific bloggers who really catch my eye with their posts. This award may surface once in a blue moon, or very frequently -hard to say! But it will be reappearing from time to time and be given to recognize some really terrific people along the way!

Now, go read, and above all -have a really great day!



Sandi McBride said...

COngratulations on the award...you deserve it

terri said...

I never get tired of reading about Maya and Kurtis' antics. There's never a dull moment with those two, is there?

Thanks for the tips on Suldog's and Magazine Man's blogs. That was some great reading!

Magazine Man said...

Wow, and after I posted that, all I could think about was what a lousy, disjointed bit of blogging my Father's Day post was (I mean, who jumps from Kung Fu Panda to a nasty barroom brawl?). But I'm awfully flattered that it spoke to you, and to be mentioned in the same company as my man Suldog. Thanks for making my day! --mm

Suldog said...

And for me to be included with MM is an awesome compliment. As you may know, I consider him to be The Best Writer On The Internet (capitalized because it is a title I bestowed, and I've never been given any reason to doubt my judgment for having done so.)

Thank you very much!

Raven said...

Congratulations on your award! I loved the Mandy and Maya story. Too sweet and funny.

Thanks for your kind words at Raven's Nest this morning.

Vic Grace said...

Lovely story and comments from the kids. However I have to say I think that woman was totally out of line to ask if Maya came from her mother's belly. This could have opened a can of worms that Maya or Manday were ready for.

I have immortalized your latest words. LOL now everytime you post amongst the blogs on my blogroll if yours is the most recently updated it will show on my blog.

Hope your arthritis is a bit better. I have a sneaking suspicion that when it is damp here is when I get pain in my back and arm but I have only recently realized the connection. Growing old is not for wimps is it. I think Lauren Becall said something to that effect.

Vic Grace said...

Should have read my comment before pressing the little button. I meant Maya or Mady were NOT ready for.

Razor Family Farms said...

"from de Goodwill Store"

Too cute!


the mother of this lot said...

I would have loved to have been there when Maya came out with those statements!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Two AMAZING Father's Day stories. I guess I am in the boat with those that these are "greeting card" holidays. Bad me! lol But in my defense, I try to TREASURE MY FAMILY EACH AND EVERY DAY!

Travis said...

Love Maya's answers.

dr sardonicus said...

Maya is quite a character.

Though it's natural for mothers to worry about such things, I'm sure your son will find a good match sooner or later. It just takes some of us longer than others, that's all.

Minnesotablue said...

AAH Son's and their love lives! I couldn't began to tell you about my son!!!!

Tammy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and watch the video. Isn't it amazing how such a small thing as telling someone they make a difference can make such a difference...I guess it's not such a small thing then, but it only takes a small effort to do it.

Theresa said...

I am sure the other shoppers are getting good use out of Maya's stories too! So cute :)

And congrats on the award, well deservered.