Friday, June 13, 2008

Come, Dance Along With Me!

Here's a couple of little videos -not that great but not that long either -that I took last Saturday of the young girls performing Irish Step Dancing at the Children's Fair we attended in Bellefonte.

I really loved the music -as well as the form -of these kids and thought they did a darned fine job too. Even if my position didn't yield exactly the best vantage point for photographing them.

Let me know how well the videos come through on your end and if you could hear the music clear enough too. Just using my little Kodak digital camera on the video function ya know!

1 comment:

Linda said...

I love watching Irish Step Dancing and wish I didn't have two left feet and could do a bit myself!

Oh, and do you remember that problem you used to have with leaving me comments and Blogger taking over? I seem to be having the same issue now and have to go through about six or seven word verifications before it will finally take one. It's very frustrating so if I don't comment as often - that's why! Darn Blogger!