Friday, June 17, 2011

Lady Luck -Missing in Action!

The past week or two have had more than a few ups and downs showing up around the family -or so it seems at times.

Things began to change -initially for the better -when my son's girlfriend got hired on at the local truckstop as a waitress. She likes working there and has been doing quite well with the job, so that's an event in the up -the plus department.

But about a week after she started working there, one night when she came home from work, her cellphone fell out of her grip and when she looked at it once inside the house, she realized that the screen had shattered so guess who had no cellphone service then! She was sort of relieved by this in a way because that particular phone had been giving her a lot of problems so she got herself a nice new phone then to replace it. (I'm betting though that she was really relieved when that phone shattered that it hadn't been a Blackberry playbook! That would really make me ill if I had one of those and it got dropped and broken!)

The drawback to getting the new phone though was that she had to wait about ten days for it to be delivered to her and ten days with no means of communication can seem like an eternity, for sure. I know it would be that even to me!

But then in the meantime, she and my son signed up to get a three-for-one deal through Verizon to receive high speed internet connectivity along with tv cable service and also, a landline phone. And yes, they did get a very good deal with that set-up -one that beats my own deal with our cable company for the same type of service by being about $50 less per month. That really irritates me too though at the same time because although we all live in the same little village, they can get high-speed connectivity plus cable and all that through Verizon up on the hilltop where they live, while those of us who live down in the valley -or the gully part of town -can't get that same service. That's even though for the past 5-6 years now Verizon has been promising us, year after year, that "It's coming. It's coming!" And yet, nothing ever changes or comes our way down in this neck of the woods. That's unfair, in my opinion.

That little guy from Verizon who runs around with a cellphone glued to his ear saying "Can you hear me now?" really needs to pay a big old visit to my street here in this town!

This week now, a little more of the bad luck stuff came by to visit my son's girlfriend as her little boy -almost 3 years old -came down with pink eye in both eyes PLUS chicken pox this week! Can you imagine having all that at the same time? Poor little fellow. He's such a little cutie and I hate to see a little kid sick from any of that stuff much less two yucky things at once. Hope he gets over it all quickly though.

But in the middle of all this, there were some good things and even a bit of humor too.

I finished yet another tabletopper this week -a Christmas one with red poinsettia leaves in a circle around the edges and gold stars in the background and it turned out pretty nice. Now, I'm working on doing a set of guest towels for -well, who knows who or what these will be for! Maybe doing them just for my health or for posterity's sake or well, whatever.

But the other evening, it was little Kurtis who gave us a big laugh as he began to munch on a treat after finishing his supper. His treat? A banana nut muffin.

Mouth full of the concoction, he looked at Mandy and said, "Boy, this is a really, really good banana stud muffin, Mom."

Where the heck did he learn that line from anyway?


TechnoBabe said...

Banana Stud Muffin, huh? Sounds pretty good to me. I hope you are keeping a book of what the grandkids say to give to them when they are grown.

Paula said...

That Kurtis! What a little crack-up and he doesn't even know it. Too funny~