Monday, June 13, 2011

Breaking Through The Bloggy Fog!

Finally! I figured out what to write about on my blog but boy, it was a long time coming to me.

I haven't posted now in several days -too darned lazy right now to pause and look to see what day it was when I did last post something - but anyway, I've been reading others' blogs and trying to sort through things in my life to find a topic but nothing was hitting my lazy, disorganized, procrastinating self clearly enough to write something that might actually make a bit of sense.

Even though when I read Blogger Friend, Bud's post the other day about having blogger's block or writer's block -call it whatever you wish -and I thought I had a subject I would/could/should write about, the other things that generally control my life much more than simply reading a good post does (that would be the laziness, the disorganization and the procrastination), it still didn't get me off my duff and to opening my blog and writing something!

In my defense though, there have been a few other things happening around here that did keep me from doing what I should have been doing which was to sit down and take stock of lots of things and write them down here.

I had thought that maybe by Saturday night I could write about the yard sale we had in our front yard this past Friday and Saturday but to be truthful about that, this year's sale was a bit boring. Actually, it was more than boring, it was pretty darned punk! We had a lot of traffic on Friday -people driving past the house slowly, gazing at the assortment of stuff we had out on three long tables (borrowed from our church's social hall) and some of those folks even stopped, got out, came down and fingered stuff, looked around but not too many were buying stuff. Compared to previous years, sales was way down! Mandy had tons and tons -or so it seemed -of clothes on display that the kids have outgrown and because she doesn't want to have to lug all those things back into the house when the yard sale is over, she always prices things at what I consider to be downright ridiculous low prices but even her dirt cheap sales technique only brought very slow sales of the kids clothes so a lot of stuff is now back inside and waiting till she contacts a lady from town who opened a thrift shop in Bellefonte -for kids clothes -this past Saturday! So, hopefully maybe she can sell the stuff she has leftover to her and thus, make room in the kids dressers and closets for a new stuffing of lots of newer clothes that she will then put out on the tables again next year at this time at the next Community Yard Sale!

One silly thing that did happen recently though is something I was planning to write about -before I forgot the story -but didn't get around to doing that. So I figure I'll put that in here now.

About 10 days or so ago, I was getting Kurtis ready to go to school and I wanted to have everything all done in the dressing him department so that there would be no mix-ups or frenzied searching for things five minutes before his van arrived to pick him up. Thankfully, I started working on getting his shoes on him about a half hour before the van was due here because the gym shoes I was trying to get on his feet were giving me one royal hassle!

I tried and tried for about ten minutes with each shoe, loosening the laces again and again, tugging at the tongue to get it to make the opening spread more and then, when I would try to get his foot in the shoe, of course, he would wiggle his ankle so his foot wasn't quite angled quite right which created a few more issues then too. I did finally get the shoes on him and laced up but I was really frustrated over what an ordeal it had been to shoe this kid that morning and I had made the mistake of making a comment I shouldn't have made in front of him, right smack within his earshot.

I'd said to him, "Boy, these shoes are really a pain in the ass to get on your feet!"

I didn't give that remark any further thought though until last Wednesday when Mandy was dressing him for school and was trying to put that same pair of shoes that had given me hissy fits the week before on his feet. And as she was fighting with the shoes and grumbling under her breathe, Kurtis says to her, "I know Mommy, these shoes are a pain in the ass to get on the feet!"

As she looked up at me, she asked Kurtis, "Where did you hear that before?"

And since he tends to be really up-front and honest with his answers, he responded, "Gram tell'd me that!"

Darned kids have to rat a person out every time, don't they?

Since Friday afternoon though, the house has been relatively quiet -at least free from the normal fighting that tends to go on between Maya and Kurtis -and the reason for that is because Miss Maya has been about 6-7 miles away from home, spending a very long weekend with Mandy's girlfriend, Jenn-Jenn and her family. Then, this afternoon, when older daughter and oldest grandson, Alex (who had been up here since Friday evening) were getting ready to go back to their home, they were to stop at my son's house and pick up Kurtis there and then, they were taking him down to spend the night with Aunt Carrie and cousin Alex. An event that Kurtis apparently was quite excited about since this was probably the first time he's ever stayed overnight at Aunt Carrie's by himself! I think he's only ever spent the night there once before, about 2 maybe 3 years ago now and that time, Miss Maya was also with him too.

Since we didn't get any phone calls tonight with Aunt Carrie begging someone to come and get the little guy, things must have gone smoothly with his first overnight stay like a big boy, by himself.

And I was really missing all the noise, fuss and stuff that generally goes on in the house when the kids are getting ready for bed. Guess I'm more conditioned to that than to the dead silence that existed here tonight even though most nights find me praying for the time when the house does get quiet and the kids are both in bed. (Just can't please Grandma after all, can ya?)

But tonight -about an hour ago now -I decided to sit down at the computer, read any recent posts showing up on my reader and check my e-mail and that's when I got what was my inspiration to write a post tonight.

It came to me in the form of two e-mailed photos from Jenn-Jenn -with whom Miss Maya has been visiting this weekend.

Seems Jenn and her husband Nick, took Maya and their three teenagers "night fishing" down at Howard Dam - a state park about 35 miles or so away from this area and apparently Miss Maya is quite the little fisherwoman, judging by these two photos Jenn sent me!

I don't know as yet if this was two different fish she caught or just the same fish in two different shots of her, with "Big Boy Curtis" (Jenn's son) helping her to hold the fish on the line up for the camera shot.

But it sure is obvious that my little diva-princess definitely was having herself one heck of a good time, isn't it?

And how fortunate for me that Jenn-Jenn just happened to e-mail these two pictures to me as I was about to start writing a post about having nothing to write about, nothing to say, too!

Thanks Jenn, for giving me the kick start I really, really needed tonight!


Sandee said...

You said ass in front of Kurtis? Bwahahahahahaha. He'll never forget that word now.

Have a terrific day. :)

terri said...

Oooh, I saw that coming out of Kurt's mouth long before you explained that he had repeated it! LOL!