Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Things happen all the time, sure they do. But sometimes things change a bit unexpectedly and sometimes, they are even good changes that occur that way too!

Take my household for example. Yes, there are days when I think that I really wish someone would come a long and literally TAKE my household and all the worries, work and cares that go with it all away from me, from us.

Sometimes, but thankfully, not very often that I wish for that.

Sometimes, I make little decrees or vows too about our home and things that are or aren't acceptable, but then, something happens to change my mind about that too.

Like my rule made about a year ago when we were really overwhelmed by the prolific nature of cats and we had two mama cats at that time with a grand total of 11 -yes, 11 -kittens running around here!

For a while, with that many kittens, we had an old pac'n'play set up in the kitchen to contain those many kittens and it served as a mutual feeding zone then for both the mama cats to tend to their young.

Normally, I don't mind cats and usually, I do love kittens but lets face it, having 11 little kittens all running all over the house at the same time -well, that was a bit much!

So, we found homes for not just the kittens but for the two mama cats too.

But, we kept one kitten -the cutest little male, orange and white, with a huge fluffy tail and we named him FlufferNutter -or FluffNuts, for short.

And I told Mandy that I wanted NO MORE cats! End of discussion!

Or so I thought.

But this past Friday night, Mandy discovered this sweet little kitten that had somehow been left behind in the house two doors up from us when the occupants there had moved out. This kitten had somehow got to an open window somewhere and fallen out to the ground and was out in the rain when Mandy found her and of course, she had to bring her home, to give her shelter and yes, of course, we ended up falling in love with her too and are keeping her.

She is, obviously (one look at her and another look at FluffNuts tells the story of part of her parentage) is FluffNuts' daughter and not just in appearance either.

From the very first when Mandy brought her into the house, she and Sammy made up and became friends and good playmates too. Just the same way that Sammy and Fluffnuts had become friends when Fluffer was a kitten -except in that case, it had taken Sammy about a month of nosing around the kittens before FluffNuts began to open up and play with him but apparently his daughter is a lot more receptive to dogs and/or to being very playful.

So now, after a lengthy discussion period we have come to an agreement on what to call this cute little feline - Pearl, the Purr-ball!

I was going to post a photo here too of Miss Pearl and Sammy, resting up in the blue recliner after a hearty time and chasing around the downstairs of the house but apparently Blogger doesn't like that picture as it won't let me load it to my post here. So, maybe later Blogger will become cooperative and allow the picture to be added but till then, you'll just have to take my word for it that Pearl is a little cutie-pie, sweetheart of a kitten!

I've been busy doing more embroidery work -of course, what else would I be doing here anyway! No pictures as yet of the newest stuff I have completed but I've been concentrating on embroidering hand towels over the past week now. So far, I have finished three sets of these terry cloth towels and am almost finished now with a fourth set. (Only have four more kits waiting for me to get them done too then! Always something waiting for me to work on in that department!)

Today, Mandy and Ken are working -painting at an assisted living home in this region and Maya just left with her TSS, Brittany, for a day at the Bigler Playground to begin attending their summer program there. This will also involve a trip to the swimming pool in Osceola Mills with Miss Brittany too so she should have a fun-filled day then for sure!

That just leaves Gram and Kurtis to spend the day together -quality time, ya know.

But when he woke up around 10 a.m., I was a bit concerned about how much "quality" there was gonna be in our time together because he evidently had awakened to find himself on the "wrong side of the bed" as he was wailing and moaning and not being very hospitable at all!

I thought for sure he would be really excited to rise and shine this morning once he realized that the men who are installing a new water line along our street now were today, working on this project right in front of our house -complete with a digger and a truck to haul the tanker thingy - part of what is called a "ditch witch" that is parked out front now too. But he didn't even want to hear about that being here, much less watching the guys at work at first. However, eventually he cried himself out and ventured downstairs and now, seems to be in a much better mood, more receptive to viewing the sights outside now at any rate!

Maybe that change will work out to bring about a good day here after all!

I sure do hope so anyway!


... Paige said...

you got the gift of an unwanted cat like I did...


Mountain Witch said...

I can't wait to see pics a the newest addition to your family! We are currently in the process of deciding what kind of furry lit'l feline to bring into our home. I'm partial to calicos but the "Mister" wants something that looks like a jungle cat. We'll see who wins out! :)
Keep us posted and I'd love to see your embroidery as well. I was working on a shirt with my embroidery machine and the machine ate my shirt! Turned out to be an issue with the bobbin but the shirt is ruined none-the-less! On the bright side. The machine didn't break!

Maggie May said...

Hope you're going to have the female spayed... can't risk inbred kittens. She sounds a sweet little gal.
Fancy the family leaving her like that.
So pleased you took her in.
Maggie X

Nuts in May